Monday, December 18, 2006


Evan Bayh has decided not to pursue a Presidential bid.

After the BITCH instructed all children and others to vote for him.

No one else is left but McCain, Guiliani, Gore (?) and Edwards and maybe Obama....and hell will freeze over before this bitch votes for any of these.....

a bitch is declaring WAR on the next presidential election.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

There They Go Again - Acting Like Politicians

Remember the Democrat PLEDGE to implement ALL of the 9-11 Commissions reccomendations?

(OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH if you elect US we will make sure you are safe and warm......)

EVEN the one stating 'a wholesale reorganization of congress to improve the oversight and funding of the nations' intelligence agencies.'


The republicans had cold feet about this too....seems the democrats also took off their shoes....and now want to employ a 'panel' to look at that reccomendation a bit closer.

Remember...the smell on the cowpie never changes even when you flip it over.

hat tip: Pajamasmedia

My Letter to the Presidents of all Countries

Native American Proverb:

An elder of the tribe is talking with a young boy. He says to the boy "I am so very tired, because I have these two wolves inside of me and they are having a ferocious fight."

The child looks up at him with eyes that are wide with fright and curiosity. "What are they fighting about?"

The elder says "One wolf is full of rage, humiliation, envy and violence because he feels he has been mistreated. The other wolf wants justice, nuture, love and prosperity."

The little boy is concerned for his old friend. He asks " Which wolf will win?"

The elder man replies "Whichever one I feed."

I ask the Presidents of all countries today..."Which wolf are you feeding?"

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The Iranian president seems "Ready to Make Nice" with this letter to the American Public. However it should be noted that there are several things wrong with the letter:

1. He uses the inclusive ALL nations but still rants against the Zionist State Israel. So everyone else has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness except those in the Jewish homeland, and oh yeah it's only the Israelis that are blowing people in buses and markets into bits. He forgets to mention that Hamas and Hizbollah have a practical use for civilians....human shields.

2. Like every other historical ignoramus he ignores the 100 + years of history of the carving up of the middle east by the British after WWI and the Allies after WWII.

3. Sure we would like to put our rescources to use for the welfare of people not war machines but the fact still remains that its the hard line Islamofascist jihad crazies that design and wear the Isalmic fashion statement....the suicide vest.

4. The fact still remains that Americans do not train their children to become suicide bombers.

5. The fact is that all of the charges leveled at the US Administration could easily be leveled at the current Iranian administration as well.

When the president of Iran decides to put on his big boy britches...look at the situation from an objective viewpoint and go about the business of making the world a better place where ALL people (including the Zionists) can have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness reagrdless of what religion they practice or what their form of government is (be careful here since the Iranian government has discussed making non muslims identify themselves by decals on their clothing) then I would be most happy to receive my copy of the letter from the president of Iran.

Such a nice letter but hey like the Dixie Chicks say, "I'm not ready to make nice."

And..... oh by the way.... I am not ready to convert to Islam either.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The War on Women at Their Expense

The fix-it-up-plastic-surgeon society should be really happy today. CNBC reported this AM that the silicone breast implant is back and newly FDA approved....

....with caveats of course......yes they ARE safe.....if

you have an MRI each year and have all manner of follow up exams..


If silicone implants are SAFE then WHY all the medical follow up?

Lets see...the FDA re-approves an unsafe item after 14 years off the market and out of womens the implant makers can kick back money to the doctors and the doctors can make nore money with tons of follow up for the unsafe product that they put into someones body.

Oh I see how this the expense of our safety...after all it truly is about the money...

I am convinced the medical establishment is at war with women with the help of womens magazines and the advertising industry......we are told that we are too fat...our breasts are too small...our tummies too poochy all to put dollars in some doctors pocket....the same magazines that have the 89 pound model on the cover then have articles on how unsafe it is to weigh 89 pounds...five more diet articles....several plastic surgery articles and voila!...what the hell are we supposed to think.

I was looking at pics of myself when I was a size 4 and I thought I was fat because my cheating ex fuck off husband said I am a size 10-12 and happy and hubby loves my curves...and I don't need a boob job either.....

Girls...look at this crap for what it is...just crap....and then...move on...QUICK.

Monday, November 13, 2006

What Part of Respect Do You Not Understand?

Courtesy of 'Drudge' & 'You Tube' a video showing GI Jane being held and duct-taped to a pole. Comments range from the usual "they are just having fun" to "despicable".

Put me in Category 2...despicable. I wonder what the outcry would be if GI Jane was african-american? or MUSLIM ? (holy shit the firestorm on that one....). These male soldiers have demonstrated their lack of respect for their fellow female counterparts.

We can only hope that these men will be disciplined...quickly. I for one am disgusted. Just one more proof that women are indeed second class citizens...even in this day and age.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

On Rumsfeld Being Out

....did no one see this coming? (snicker)

Waxing dreamily remembering Colin Powell and his disagreements with Rumsfeld on how the war should have been handled.

....knowing that Mr. Powell, brave soldier that he is, would have guided the USA skillfully through the conflict...instead Bush went with Rumsfeld.....perhaps its' that 'loyalty thing' that the Bush family has going...... Dissent = disloyalty.

Post -Election Waxing Philisophical & Other Interesting Biased Thoughts

Elections are over...FINALLY. Election drama let down is another kind of bitch. To determine the winners of the next election...just count the scandals of whatever party and you can bet the other guys will be elected. Someone get the hot wings ready......(this Bitches favortite election night watching food).

Election winners....just the flip side of the same old smelly cow-pie called the US Government. Now a lot of newly elected-teds will get their own chance to make themselves millionaires....we just love it when the food chain gets 'top heavy'. Of course you realize that the food chain will then have to be 'culled' from the bottom read: middle and lower classes.

Anyone ever notice how many democrat millionaires there are in Congress? Did ya'll know that WARREN BUFFET was a democrat? Betcha thought he was a re-pub-ly-kin. (misspelled tacky pun intended).

Campaign Tip for anyone in Massachusetts (yes a bitch checked the spelling...)seeking the Senate seat of Ted-its'-all-I-know-how-to-do-to-earn-an-income: Procure a BIG picture of Ted Kennedy at his drunken WORST with the caption:
"Do you really want more of this?"

Good grief the only answer could be NO!!!!! Next time someone get this right!!!!

Onto the other interesting bitch biased thoughts......

Whitney Houston...took 14 years for her to figure out that Bobby Brown was a slime took Britney Spears 2 least both are finally awake and coherent. God is good...pre-nups and all.

The Texas Governors Race: OMG...four more years of the imbecile Rick Perry...the motormouthed robotic Republican party minion......

This bitch voted for KINKY...Why the hell not????

We are most pleased that Joe Lieberman was re-elected; and sad that Harold Ford did not make it. He would have been a wonderful Senator. (sniff sniff)

Jim Talent did not seem so talented...Missouri booted his ass. (this is a good thing)......not that I was thrilled with McCaskills' stem cell research ad with Michael J. Fox. Seems that MJF made that commercial without being aware of what the bill really said. The full bill in this opinion goes way too far....can't wait to see FrankenMcCaskill in another 100 years. Way to go girl! Will Missouri become the 'show me your stem cell cure state?' Only time and the lawyers will tell.

We are going to check out all the freaky right wing fundie sites (read: Dobson, Fallwell & Robertson) to see how many are hospitalized. Send a card? No way.

One intersting thing though we have learned in many conversations with people this election season: (65+) lifelong democrats wonder where all the family values have gone and the old lifelong republicans are wondering where all the freedom has gone. Isn't passing the baton to the younger generation a good thing? Guess not when the younger generation could care less about either. 90% of the people I know voted independent this election. But the parties could really care less...soon we'll all be dead and gone.....

Oh and Runsfeld is out....

Shit get the hot wings....lets just watch...............

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Are You Aware Yet?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month?

Oh Goody!!!! Time to remember and DO NOTHING ABOUT:

Sex trade trafficking...women and children kidnapped and forced into prostitution.

How about Thailands child sex trade that satisfies the needs of all those American and European men?

Lets remember all the women killed by their partners AFTER the judge issued the 'protecive order' that was nothing more than just a piece of paper....

Let's remember the police officers that tell us each day that "There's nothing we can do."
Translate that to: There's nothing we will do.

Lets remember the muslim women that have to hide themselves and are subject to being beaten for showing any skin at all.

Lets remember that women are STILL second class citizens when it comes to 'spousal rights'.

Lets remember the thousands of those who do not speak up becasue they do not know how.....

Lets remember the men who know HOW to beat and abuse..lets remember...and then forget.....

After all its just women and children. It's a mans world. Who cares about them?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Now That We Are Counting....

West Virginia State Senator, Democrat Randy White blames a former disgruntled employee for stealing photos from his computer. Some of the photos show him nude, while others show at least 2 men whose bodies were painted.

In another clear case of 'EVADING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY', Senator White cited 'a recent bout with depression' and a 'personal identification situation'.


We can all be thankful that Senator White and his painted pals are not parading around in day-glo orange polyester leisure suits.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Last week brought a plethora of scandalous and disturbing news:

School shootings...dead children...a dead principle...and now revelations that a Republican Congressman, Mark Foley is...well...let's call it like it is....a child predator.

The latest news reports that Dennis Hastert was informed of Foleys 'behaviorval tendencies' more than 2 years ago ...and did nothing. Kind of reminds me of the way the Catholic Church coddled the child molesting priests for God only knows how many years....and now it turns out that Mark Foley was abused by a priest and that he is an alcoholic too and has entered into rehab. Kind of reminds me of the way police officers 'cover up' for the corrupt ones. Kind of reminds me of the way people just look the other way when devilish shit is happening...hoping it will all go away and no one will find out....all the while posturing and primping or is that pimping the higher moral ground.

OH MY!!!!!!

I wonder if 'rehab' can fix Foleys child sexual predator within? Probably not. It's really amazing though how when people get caught its always the same lame - ass excuses:

1. I was abused by the local priest.
2. I am an alcoholic.
3. My mother/father was/is an alcoholic/drug addict.
4. I hate God.
5. God hates me.
6. The world is against me and I cannot get a break.

OH PLEASE, cut the crap. All you are doing Mark Foley is showing the rest of us that you , like all of the other perps and sociopath, psychopaths out there CANNOT AND WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS.......

But back to politics!!!! After all politics or poli-tricks as my son call it....

The one thing that makes me so disgusted about 'conservative republicans' is that high moral ground. Seems good to be standing on that high hill throwing rocks at everyone else until someone tosses one back at you....

People...we do not need a government that is elected because they have a high moral gound, or even a low moral ground. Check the internet...the Democrats have been involved in many only question is why they were not prosecuted. We have to have a level playing field....if its illegal for me to run a whorehouse and I am looking at jail time if I get busted..then Barney Frank needs to be doing some big house time too.

It looks like the full investigation is just getting started. If the outcome looks criminal..then it is and Foley should do some heavy jail time.

I am one of those damned objective people...don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Republican OR Democrat.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Someone FINALLY looked...

Yes indeed another example of the so-damn-far-to-the-right-fundie-wacko-protestant-ignoramus bullshit that women have to put up with..... one day the rule is day its that..

Mary Lambert aged 81 has been teaching Sunday school at First Baptist Church in Watertown, NY for 54 years. She has been dismissed because she is a woman and FBC WNY just now figured it out and has dismissed her using one bible verse as his MAIN excuse...of course his 'Christian charity' prohibits him from detailing publicly all of her OTHER shortcomings..... which means she disagreed with him and was maybe shall we say a tad bit sassy? After all shes 81, and probably outspoken.

After doing a bit of Googleing her AOB disciovered that Mary was teaching an adult class and had been for 11 years. After all this time you would have thought that SOMEONE would have opened their eyes and looked and seen that she was a woman. This bitch is confused.

Lets assume the FBC WNY had a bible...somewhere.....if it was sooooo unbiblical for her to be teaching ADULT MALES why did someone not figure this out sooner? Why did she even start to teach an adult class?????? Did someone just now find 1Timothy and read it??????? Seems so since laBoeuf the pastor got there 2 years ago, I 'll wager that Mary was a real thorn in his 'charitable christian side'. What amazes me is that the congregation obviously got more than it would have imagined that anyone being considered for a pastoral position would have been grilled (yes I mean grilled) about what his beliefs really were....its seems to me that his beliefs do not coincide with what the congregation THOUGHT they were getting. That's what frosts me...

Lets hear it for the 81 year old lady that got kicked to the curb by 'christian charity'.

This really makes my Orthodox Presbyterian bitch brain boil. While women do not teach adult SS in our least we can figure out what one looks like and you can bet that anyone applying for a pastoral position will be grilled and all of us will know EXACTLY what he believes.

Friday, August 11, 2006

What's SO Unforgivable About Mel Gibson?

Being one of the more princess like of the Jewish Princess types.... (Old with scads of bling) I found Mels drunken rant somewhat amusing....after all he's SO cute..

However...when bad things happen...the tidbits come the one Mel said of wife of many years, Robin.

Robin is an Anglican and Mel related in an interview that he had told her that she was going to hell. (Seems that what the Catholic Church teaches about those non catholics...shit that sounds like the churchachrist to my ass). How could any husband be so disgusting? RIGHT!!!! Catholic or churchachristers!!!!

AOB finds this unforgivable and will NOT spend time or money on Mel Gibson again. So now Mel and the catholic church are playing God? Not to this Orthodox Presbyterian.

Friday, April 21, 2006

A Wasted Life

Thursday AM the sister in law called with the new that the brother was dead. This bitches younger brother at 51 finally either did it, got his wish or whatever and has usual left a trail of tears and devastation behind. Seems he did in death what he has done in life....ALL HIS LIFE.

He was depressed, stressed, emotionally disabled and generally fucked up. He was blessed to have a wife who loved him but he dragged her down too...eventually she was on the head meds.....

Head meds are a good thing..a bitch knows this...but that shit as a way of life??????

But hey that was a bitches brother......

He became fucked up because he chose to be fucked up. We had the all-american-stepfather-abused-neglected-shit...just like millions of other fucked up households in the world....

Only this bitch being a little bitch too at the ripe old age of seven...yes seven motherfucking years old just said in her little heart:


Somehow by the grace of God, a bitch made it through after making sone fucked up decisions herself......decisions that the brother did not agree with or like. You see he thought he could fix shit.

He actually had the nerve to try to have a realtionship with the motherfucker that beat my mother black and blue on numerous occasions. Brother actually cried when the wife beating bastard died. SHIT..this bitch was relieved.....but then had to get over the guilt she felt for being glad the fucker was dead and hoping that he was burning bright and hot in hell.....

EVERYFUCKING DAY we dreaded them coming home from would start..the drinking all the arguing about the bullshit....shit we thought that shit was normal....

Back to the supposed trying to fix shit here.....yeah this bitch said "adios motherfuckers....." he tried to fix shit that could not be fixed. Even to the day he dies he was trying to fix shit but he finally gave up on my ass.....

He took my first car and wrecked it. He took my violin and pawned it for drug money...

the last time I talked to him last year he was looking at dying because he had lung tumours and all manner of other shit.....diabetes...obese (big as two motherfuckers)...he wanted to talk when he thought his ass was going to die.

When he got home and through it all he made it perfectly clear that he did not need to talk to me many more.....fuck you asshole...No tears for you...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

US Security..Ports and Arab Ownership

What the fuck???

A bitch is more that confused...a bitch cannot see straight...

Lets see Bush & Co want to sell the a middle east managment company and Jimmy Carter AGREES with this shit?

OK so this bitch HATES everything Jimmy Carter since the 1980's OK? SO when that son of a bitch agrees with Bush this bitch knows that there is some funky assed shit going on here...and this bitch does not like all....

What the fuck is the Bush administration doing here?

Bush does not need to be impeached...the ignoramus needs to be fucking committed to an asylum.....quick before he does any more damage and he can take that stupid fuck Chertoff with him too. A bitch never like the way Chertoff looked anyway...(looks like hes dead).

Here's the bottom line sports fans......

Each sovereign nation needs to have it's own standing army, police and port security. No nation on this planet should trust their borders to another country.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Surprise surprise!

Many things to discuss.......

Will Hamas' entry into politics and elected leadership take it the way of the Irish Republican Army? The IRA is almost respectable now although it has taken more than a few years.....

That was the first thought in this bitches mind as she listened to the news that Fatah had been completely slam dunked in the Palestinian much so that Hamas itself was taken by surprise.

We hope they have a plan.....a real plan to bring peace and a better life to the people that they have been elected to govern. However if Hamas stays true to its roots and ideology....more pain is in store for all of us.

However, once again CNN shows us pictures of rioting by the winners as they celebrated and by the losers as they protested the dishonesty of the kicked to the curb party of no choice this time around. The bitch can't figure out WHY these people spend all this time acting out. Hamas wins...supporters attach the government building and act out. The losers act is anyone with more than two brain cells expected to take these people seriously? There has already been scads of trouble at the Egyptian border with these people.....

How are developed brains supposed to deal with this escalation of insanity? No its not a new insanity just the flip side of the same coin. The flip side of the dishonesty, greed, and terror of we shall see what the other side of the coin of terror with a mandate shall bring to the rest of world.

Ann Coulter..... theres really something wrong with you. First you make a stupid comment about invading and making forcible converts to Christianity (sorry I am a TUILP girl you can't force it ya know) and now rat poison for a sitting Supreme Court Justice? You stupid broad have you lost your fucking mind? Maybe you need a good meal and some nutritional supplements because your brain is dying as I write here....AOB used to laugh at your wit but that was so long ago you have turned into what you have hated for so long.....



You gave a little bitch so much happiness as music was the only good thing in a childs world filled with domestic violence and drunkeness.....a little bitch learned to read music and sing and sing she did....

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stupid Shit 2006 (did not take long...)

Well Ray Nagin erstwhile 'Mayor' of whats-left-of-Katrina-fucked-New-Orleans now after several months thinks he has it totally figured out, (this by the way of having a conversation with the late Dr. Martin Luther King) and that is........God is mad at us.

Good grief the dumb fucktard sounds like Pat Robertsons step brother...maybe hes' gotten a hold of the secret 700 club telephone number.

OK heres the AOB take on this shit.....

Its not OUR JOB to worry about WHY SHIT HAPPENS...


God is a big boy...ya think and whatever reasons He has for doing whatever He does I am sure my finite mind and surely the fuck Ray Nagins' or Pat Robertsons FINITE minds do not have the infinite ability to figure out why shit happens.

SHIT HAPPENS...DEAL WITH IT ASSHOLES. Stop playing the blame game. Hell since the bitch hit everyone from God to George Bush has been blamed.

What this bitch wants to know is: For Nagin:


Follow the money to get to the guilty parties.....does not seem very likely that God or Bush are going to end up holding the bag on this one.

Oh and BTW this Bitch is totally pissed that Nagin has the gall to say NO should be a chocolate city...if anyone EXCEPT A BLACK PERSON were to say shit like that he or she would be gut stuck and dragged through the streets.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

ROE AGAIN????????? Regarding the Alito Hearings.

This bitch is sick to death of Roe v Wade.

Why you it because you as a christian do not support a womans right to choose to kill your child in the womb?

Whoops...surprise assholes.......this bitch is sick to death of Roe v Wade because it has become the standard for all legal thought in this fucking country!!!! Roe has become the standard as to whether the fucking village idiot can get elected local dogcatcher.

Want someone to make a decision on how to spend your tax $$$$$$ ???? Vote for them if they support or do not support Roe.

Want someone to make a decision on eminent domain? Vote for them if they support or do not support Roe.

Want someone to make a decision about how many terrorists we are going to kick in the balls while in custody? Vote for them if they support or do not support Roe.

Want someone to make a decision regarding education, hungry poor people, sick children, substandard housing ad fucking for their asses if they support or do not support Roe.

Heres a novel fucking idea...since Jane Roe LIED ...lets just overturn the stupid fucking standard for all legal thought in the USA and give it back to the States where it belongs ANYWAY....

and seriously ya really think that the states are going to fuck with it???? No, they will not.

So the next time your ass is at the fucking mall.....think about Roe and decide if you really DO want that new pair of jeans......after all the person that sewed them up at the factory may be for or against Roe......

....and the next time your ass wants car insurance maybe you should call your asshole agent and find out how THEY feel about Roe...for or against?

HEY!!!! Then you too can live your life like the US Senate then isn't that better????? (assholes)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Shit.....Pat Robertson...Again

Well just damn it. Peroid.

Pat Robertson of the I-am-just-too-fucking-knowing-it-all-with-my-special-God-told-me-this-shit-in-secret-shit has now decided that Ariel Sharons stroke is Gods judgement because he (Sharon) gave away Israeli territory.

Pat....stop it. Just shut the fuck up and stop it. Everytime you open your mouth...more stupid moronic ignorance just flows like water. You need to do the following:

1. Get a doctor to wire your mouth shut.
2. Get it into your brain that you are NOT the beginning and the end of all knowledge in the entire known and unknown universe nor are you the creator of such.....
3. Write..."I am an idiot" 5,000,000,000,000,000,000 ,000,000,000,000 ---times.

That should keep your ass busy until hell at least freezes over.

This bitch is no less than totally amazed that anyone that supposes to have a brain and name the christian faith would have the gall and nerve to be so nasty. Israels LEADER is gravely ill, a nation waits for news...any news.....and this idiot Robertson snarks him out.

Robertsons idiotic comments are worse than bad form...they are indefensible. Completely and absolutely indefensible. Any apology would not suffice to erase this whatever it is.....and I still have no name for it.

Shame on YOU Pat Robertson.....again and again and again.....

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First New Year Workday

A bitch is scared. Scared the fuck completely absolutely....

The 2006 craziness is not pharma induced (as with brother), it is NATURAL.

So far a bitch today has learned......

A shipment was turned away at LAX because the truck had the name of the trucking company stenciled on the steps instead of the door of the truck......

my ass cannot believe this shit even though it was confirmed by three people.....what the double fuck.....

Monday, January 02, 2006

Bye Bye 2005


Another year gone and with it all manner of things this bitch will remember with fondness and those things a bitch will jot down and then toss out with the trash.


My children and grandchildren.
My husband.
Working hard and fabulous co workers....and bosses and clients!!!!
Good friends (you know what you are).
Multi level marketing... (A Bitch loves being healthy, beautiful and having $$$$$$$$$).
Secret shit in work......

Kicked to the curb:

My brother & his wife. If they take any more medication they will be condsidered pharmaceutical factories...the last straw was the anti-psychotics...this bitch does not do pharma induced crazy...
BTW their only problems are that they are married to each other, are too stupid to realize that they are co dependent and keep running to the doctor to get medication to solve the shit (or some reality based counseling and a natural diet) that a divorce would take care of....but hey some people are happy being stupid and medicated...have fun sitting in the street......hope ya can move fast enough to dodge the traffic....

Mom for buying into this shit....

In laws that do not like my ass. Hey I tried to be nice even though you have snarky, judgemental anti & fundamentalist church of christ nastiness.....SO my reformed presbyterian ass gave the fuck up! Damn I am glad your ass is not in charge of heaven.......oh shit I am sorry because your ass thinks it is!

Liars, thieves and general nastiness. Anyone caught bringing these qualities into this bitches world WILL suffer the consequences.

Any questions?

Good. Happy New Year.