Sunday, July 05, 2009

What NOT to Do If You Are in a Position of Responsibility

This self employed and small business owner has had it.

Sick and tired of working for people who manage by riding the gravy train and then so something when things get 'interesting'. The problem is what they do: scream, jump up and down, blame everyone else, blah blah and more blah and blame and whining and victim hood.

"They haven't made their lease payments in six months!"

Wah and more wah. Do you think that maybe a proactive manager would have CALLED the lessee and DISCUSSED the situation with them? When they missed the FIRST PAYMENT????? Maybe they would have...but not this bunch! I have never seen a greater display of sloth in all my life.

As someone who believes in MANAGING their daily shit, this makes me crazy. Fortunately, people understand that when I represent my crazies, I am not crazy and we get things done.