Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post -Election Waxing Philisophical & Other Interesting Biased Thoughts

Elections are over...FINALLY. Election drama let down is another kind of bitch. To determine the winners of the next election...just count the scandals of whatever party and you can bet the other guys will be elected. Someone get the hot wings ready......(this Bitches favortite election night watching food).

Election winners....just the flip side of the same old smelly cow-pie called the US Government. Now a lot of newly elected-teds will get their own chance to make themselves millionaires....we just love it when the food chain gets 'top heavy'. Of course you realize that the food chain will then have to be 'culled' from the bottom read: middle and lower classes.

Anyone ever notice how many democrat millionaires there are in Congress? Did ya'll know that WARREN BUFFET was a democrat? Betcha thought he was a re-pub-ly-kin. (misspelled tacky pun intended).

Campaign Tip for anyone in Massachusetts (yes a bitch checked the spelling...)seeking the Senate seat of Ted-its'-all-I-know-how-to-do-to-earn-an-income: Procure a BIG picture of Ted Kennedy at his drunken WORST with the caption:
"Do you really want more of this?"

Good grief the only answer could be NO!!!!! Next time someone get this right!!!!

Onto the other interesting bitch biased thoughts......

Whitney Houston...took 14 years for her to figure out that Bobby Brown was a slime took Britney Spears 2 least both are finally awake and coherent. God is good...pre-nups and all.

The Texas Governors Race: OMG...four more years of the imbecile Rick Perry...the motormouthed robotic Republican party minion......

This bitch voted for KINKY...Why the hell not????

We are most pleased that Joe Lieberman was re-elected; and sad that Harold Ford did not make it. He would have been a wonderful Senator. (sniff sniff)

Jim Talent did not seem so talented...Missouri booted his ass. (this is a good thing)......not that I was thrilled with McCaskills' stem cell research ad with Michael J. Fox. Seems that MJF made that commercial without being aware of what the bill really said. The full bill in this opinion goes way too far....can't wait to see FrankenMcCaskill in another 100 years. Way to go girl! Will Missouri become the 'show me your stem cell cure state?' Only time and the lawyers will tell.

We are going to check out all the freaky right wing fundie sites (read: Dobson, Fallwell & Robertson) to see how many are hospitalized. Send a card? No way.

One intersting thing though we have learned in many conversations with people this election season: (65+) lifelong democrats wonder where all the family values have gone and the old lifelong republicans are wondering where all the freedom has gone. Isn't passing the baton to the younger generation a good thing? Guess not when the younger generation could care less about either. 90% of the people I know voted independent this election. But the parties could really care less...soon we'll all be dead and gone.....

Oh and Runsfeld is out....

Shit get the hot wings....lets just watch...............

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