Friday, October 28, 2005

One Down Three (?) To Go.....?

Lewis 'Scooter' Libby is in a heap of shit as we say here in Texas. The Special Prosecutor has handed his ass a 5 count 22 page indictment. Scooter was photographed leaving the courthouse on crutches. OOPS did someone step on his toes?

A bitch is making marks on the wall....and finishing her menu for the picnic basket.

Now a bitch understands why her main man Colin Powell was so eager to get the hell out of DC.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thursday Drama

Harriet, a bitch thanks you. Time for your bubble bath, a whiskey and a vacation. Your ass has earned it.

Still no indictment for Scooter and Karl.

If Dick Cheny resigns Condi being VP is welll just a bitches dream as the Speaker of the House is next in line. Dennis Hastert...Damn and double shit damn Thats the last thing we need. You may recall in an earlier post how AOB alerted your eyes and minds to the fact that Hastert will toe the party line as far as all of the economic budget do wrong-fu that the current administration is putting out. A bitch says g-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Bitch Has Some Questions

To the fucked up two party system: A Bitch would like to Know:

1. Why are my tax dollars being spent to support the EPA when White House policy is allowing the numbers to be changed to allow big corporations to pollute more?

2. Why is the republican party hailed by the evengelical community as the 'moral party' just because of their stand on abortion as murder? Does having a 'moral stand' on one issue qualify you to commit all other forms of economic mayhem and corporate and environmental wrongdoing? Does one moral stand justify taking a country to war on false pretenses, poisoning our environment, neglecting children with special needs, and spending money just because you can print it?

3. Why does the social services system PROMOTE unemployment as grounds for receiving services? It seems to this bitch that if a family is working HARD to make ends meet and needs an extra lift fromUncle Sam then Uncle Sam needs to get off his dead ass and help out instead of advising people to quit their jobs.

4. Why do the politicians give my tax dollars to 'arts groups and public radio'? If this shit is that damn important, let the really wealthy folks...Hello Donald Trump, Bill Gates and all you other Balanciega bag toting fools out there... fund the shit. If it doesn't get funded then who cares? What good is art and NPR if people are uneducated and hungry?

5. A bitch would really like to ask the jackassess that are running this country BOTH republican and democrat why all this personal drama shit when you are supposed to be looking out for MY ASS? The government of this country has denigrated into one big political pissing contest with the American people caught in the middle. No one wants to work together to solve problems because Billy Bob and friends might get a little bit more recognition or inside shit or money for themselves and Nancy Jo's stupid skinny ass did not get a thing. Who gives a fuck? Shit.... start governing thats what your ass was elected to do.

ALL of you. Listen to a Bitch. A bitch is paying attention. A bitch is going to be very careful with her vote in 2006 and 2008. A bitch will not be putting all of her eggs in one basket. I would suggest that the rest of the American people take a lesson here.....learn and vote carefully.

Do not vote how the preacher tells your ass to vote. He needs to shut up about politics and preach the gospel. The republican preacher has pro life on the brain, the democrat preacher has hand outs on the brain. careful with your may be giving away the farm. Oh and NO MORE familial political dynasty shit. This means YOU JEB BUSH!!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Drama in DC

It's gettin better by the minute.....

Will Karl Rove be indicted? by a Republican prosecutor?

Will Scooter Libby be indicted? by a Republican prosecutor?

Was Valerie REALLY OUTED since her neighbors knew she was CIA?

Did Dick Cheney tell Scooter to out Valerie because he was PO'd at her husband for disagreeing with White House policy on Iraq?

Will Rove, Liby AND Cheney resign?

Will CONDOLEEZA RICE be the new VP? Will Condi whup Hillary in 2008??

Oh a bitch is having fun just watching all the possibilities......

G-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-h!!!! if there was not enough FUN wtih 'D' ....all of the above we have Harriet. Poor Harriet. I hope she has the good sense to just walk away from all this shit. Harriet is not a Constitutional Lawyer. Harriet is a corporate lawyer. Yes...yes all of us bitches out here realize that you broke the glass ceiling in Texas. Good for you, but that does not make you qualified for the US Supreme Court. You need to walk away from the drama, run a hot bubble bath, soak your ass and drink a whiskey..then take a long vacation. AOB knows you have plenty of cash amercian to do this with. Hurry and get started so we can get on to the next DC Drama.

For the record...this AOB does not like John Roberts Federalist ass.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

More Shit A Bitch Hates

The thing this bitch absolutely hates the most is:

Men that beat women. Men that emotionally abuse women. Men that rape women. Men in general that are fucktard wads of shit that do this shit. Moreover...this bitch really hates CHURCH pastors that condone and assist men to propagate this shit towards women.

This bitch has seen it all when it comes to churches condoning the shit. However a bitch has really noticed especially with the proliferation of internet forum shit that there are a lot of so called christain men that condone this shit by saying that a woman MUST submit to her husband 100% all the time yuck yuck...bleh.....

Now this bitch kindly informed these fucktards that 100% submission was not possible as there were some men that were abusive fucktards. (This bitch was actually nice and did not call them fucktards but merely pointed out their whores, gambling away the rent money etc.)

These men and one woman condoned the abusive behavior. This bitch is sooooo upset she is seriously considering outing the whole website as well as the individuals.

So heres the story home gamers....gather round cause its a good 'un....

When a bitch was in the 2nd grade the moms married the step monster. A bitch watched for YEARS as this motherfucker whupped up on and cheated on her moms. Of course this bitch learned how to be abused and her first marriage was hotbed of some serious abusive shit. But one day a bitch looked around...took a real good look at moms and said to herself: "damn a bitch does not want to end up like this" and a bitch split. Moms to this day is still pissed at me 28 years later. Go fucking figure.

To all you women out there that are being abused:

TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW. When they do not believe you tell someone else and get the fuck out. GET THE FUCK OUT DO YOU HEAR ME!!!!

Do not bother to tell the pastor .....he will not believe your ass. Go to a local womens shelter and get some help.Do not let your ass get whipped up on one more time. Take your kids if you have them and GO!

A man wants a good wife? Well then he better start doing the shit that makes a woman want to respect his ass.

Here is the bitches ideal of marriage...actually one that she lives.

1. Love is love and business is business.
The corporation belonged to MY ass BEFORE I met YOUR ass.

2. I am not your damn slave. You are not my damn slave.

3. We are married...that means no other third parties in our relationship.

4. Respect my ass and I will respect yours.

5. As long as bills are paid and my obligations are met I will shop if there is something I want. I will buy your clothes and dress your ass because you are a man and are incapble of doing it for yourself. Do not even THINK about getting fitted for a suit by yourself.

6. We will discuss everything as equal partners. Neither is higher or lower. Both of our opinions are valuable. Winning is not the goal...the right decision is the goal.

7. We will go to the wall for one another to help each other reach our dreams and goals in life.

8. If someone fucks up there will be consequences.

9. Share your heart about money. Be accountable and on the same page as to where you are going financially.

10. Live for each other.

There have to be rules, boundaries and most of all there must be respect. Think about it...if a child watches their father beat and disrespect their mother is that child going to pay any atttention at all to whatever discipline the mother tries to give. Fuck hell NO! If mom's worth shit to pops why should a young 'un listen to her? She just abdicated all authority by letting herself be abused.

I love my moms. Do I respect her...listen to her advice..? Please. She gave that shit up a long time ago. I have to keep it light no personal shit discussed at all.

No woman should be beaten. Ever. If you know of anyone who faces this kind of life...step in...find the name of a local shelter and see if they have room. Then show up with boxes and friends and save someones life.

Help a woman become a Babe In Total Control of Herself....


Observations From A Bitch About Political Shit

A bitch woke up early this AM and her mind was moving fast so here goes. A bitch is having an attack of the early AM bitchifies...

First a bitch would like to observe the similarities between two notorious Texas political families...The LBJ's and the GWHB's. Now I know one is democrat the other republican. However...this is TEXAS; and as Ann Richards (no I did not vote for her but I have always admired and respected the crusty old gal). said: "In Texas, politics is a contact sport."

No shit. Just ask Tom DeLay. (What goes around comes around you gerrymandering sneaky jack ass, of course the shit is not over since it took Ronnie Earle THREE grand juries to indict his ass in direct violation of the Texas Constitution...)

The Johnsons AND the Bushes used their political clout to get their collective family will accomplished. Notice I did not use the word party. Party has nothing to do with it. Its all about family and the ties they have outside the party that keep shit running. You want something done? Do not go to the party go to one of the families then you get your action.

Second Bush has let all Americans down with his weak assed views on border security and illegal immigration as well as....

Bush and all of the rest of those dumb asses in DC have let all Americans down with their inability to get a budget for the American people that EXCLUDES PORK and focuses on important social programs like services for those Amercans that are disabled (such as ABB's brother and my grandson both of whom are autistic).

Bush and Congress need to apologize to the Ameican people and especially the people in N'awlins for giving the local crooks 60 million fucking damn dollars to work on an evacuation plan and the levees in March of 2005. Why would anyone be so damn stupid as to give LA crooks money? The 'system' in LA is fucking corrupt assholes and you give them 60 million damn fuck dollars??????? Obviously they fucked the money up since no one got evacuated and the damn levees broke. Nagin and Blanco should be stripped and publicly flogged.

A bitch needs to pack another picnic basket.....

Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Bitch has Had Some Drama

For all of you out there that have wondered where has the bitch been...well a bitch has been fighting for her damn life and her sanity as well.

A bitch got bit by a brown recluse spider.

Lets see, white spot, white ring, red ring, BLACK & BLUE RING. As in BIG black and blue ring.

Damn. A bitch had no doctor to go to since she was in a catfight (or is that bitchfight) with that stupid (**&&^%$$%$&^T) doctor she used to have in January about HOW a bitch was taking care of herself and did not need the shit that she was trying to stuff down my throat.

Workmate to the rescue and the doctors office was close to a bitches house too. Hows THAT for Providence home gamers?

Now remember the only reason I WENT to the doctor was because Google googled a bitch some mondacious spider bite info that basically said: Your ass is in deep shit. Especially since 24 hours had passed.

BUT.....since AOB has a HUGE absorbing immune system the venom was absorbed!!!! Dr. give keflex, AOB Absorbs too much of it, overdoeses and becomes a SICK ANGRY OLD BITCH. G-a-a-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h-h-h!

A bitches husband bought her Ben & Jerrys' Cherry Garcia and took good care of her. A bitch is better but a bitch now has nerve damage in left leg and her sleep is very erratic.

A bitch is taking her Complete and her Vito Mannan ( and is hoping for a full recovery...slowly but surely.

Friday, October 14, 2005

George Bush... I QUIT YOU!!!

AOB is upset and angry at a report that the BUSH ADMIN has proposed some new rules for the EPA that would ALLOW the biggest polluters to pollute the air even more by allowing larger amounts released into the air.

AOB is really pissed that Karl Rove and Scooter Libby are even participating in the government of this country. AOB sincerely hopes that Fitz 'hangs 'em high'. Let me get my damn picnic basket out and start planning my menu.....