Wednesday, November 08, 2006

On Rumsfeld Being Out

....did no one see this coming? (snicker)

Waxing dreamily remembering Colin Powell and his disagreements with Rumsfeld on how the war should have been handled.

....knowing that Mr. Powell, brave soldier that he is, would have guided the USA skillfully through the conflict...instead Bush went with Rumsfeld.....perhaps its' that 'loyalty thing' that the Bush family has going...... Dissent = disloyalty.


Maya's Granny said...

Notice how the Bush family loyalty thing only goes one way. When the people who are loyal to them become a problem, this Bush at least throws them to the wolves with ease.

storm indigo said...

Hey, the only ones who didn't see it coming were G.W. and Rumsfeld.

Can you believe how incredulous and snarky he was during the press conference. I never knew how funny that could be. Mercy. It was a great laugh.

I have a theory on the 'loyalty' thing, I call it political martyrdom. Republicans have mastered it. They offer up the most convenient puppet to the media gods hoping they can wag the dog and get us to chase our tails. You know they think 'we, the people' are brainless.

AOB said...

FAY'alls information.....

There is not a politician in Washington DC, republican or democrat that does not think that we are all the village idiots. Why do you think they spend so damn much money on advertising? The election campaigns are like watching laundry soap commercials.

At the ripe old age of 54 I have seen it all from both sides.