Monday, December 22, 2008

Mad(e)-Off With 50 Billion & Other Financial News


AS if the economy was not totally fucked for the little guy now the big boys are getting hit too. This shit is not good....poor rich people do not give jobs to other poor people who were never rich.

The Russian oligarchs are hurting and good old Bernie Mad(e)off has absconded with some 50 billion dead us presidents from widows, assorted old folks and charities as well. Bernie was running a complicated ponzi scheme...dumb enough to tell his sons....who promptly called the SEC, Bernie soon did a perp walk that would have made Bernie Ebbers proud.

Tune in to CNBC they are all over it 18 hours a day.

Let's's a list of all the previous fucked up shit that contributed to all the fucked up shit today:

Community Reinvestment Act
Commodity Futures Modernization Act
Credit Default Swaps (created by the CFMA above)
Greedy Morgage Lenders
Greedy Homebuilders charging too much for homes not worth it
People dumb enought to believe that someone else had their back
Greedy Wall streeters and CEO's of tanking firms

Hey I wonder if GM still has the heated and cooled parking garage?

....and then they made refrigerated beach sand in Dubai. Damn. Whatever happened to good old American ingenuity? No wonder people panic when Steve Jobs coughs.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Getting Shit Done

There is a lot of shit to get done these days.

President Elect Obama needs to get the economy fixed. (We all know he had no idea that the shit would be this bad when he started campaigning 2 years ago).

US Foreign Policy needs to get fixed and give the Palestinians a fighting chance at some kind of a country where they can live, work, raise their families and prosper. Can we have a foreign policy that does not mean we invade sovereign nations because they looked at us wrong or are not doing what we think they should do.

Someone needs to put some shrink wrap and duct tape on Israel.

Can we just let GM and Chrysler go away? Ditto the shrink wrap and duct tape for Hank Paulson, is that putting the fox in charge of the henhouse or what?

Can we get shit done like they do in Dubai? Five years ago they started the palm island project now it's a reality. 30 months ago we started our plat plan with the city to get our three acres plated for 8 homes.....still no plat approval. While this bitch is not a fan of foreign ownership of armies, ports, toll roads etc., this bitch sure thinks we need some serious Dubai lessons in getting shit done.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lets Talk About the Redistribution of Wealth

The republican party would have us all cowering in fear in the corner furthest from the front door, shotgun in one hand, bible in the other, all savings stuffed in the mattress we are sitting on with fox news blaring on the tv set.

I don't know about the rest of you out there, but that shit sure does sound boring as hell to me!!!!

McCain, Fox, Drudge, Town Hall (lead by right wing nut case fanatic Hugh Hewitt..bless his heart..) and the other right wing fundie wackos would have everyone believe that an Obama presidency or even a democratic majority in the nut house we call congress (with a McCain presidency) would lead to an all out marxist state, a cross between what the russians had before that shit blew up in their faces and an orwellian big brother-wake-me-when-its-over...but we already have the latter don't we?

For the citizens of a country to thrive, there has to be an environment for them to thrive in. Just as we have air to breathe and water to drink in our environment, there has to be an economic environment that enables and welcomes the participation of all citizens.

The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, that licensed the greed and insanity of credit default swaps is a good example of a disease introduced into a healthy environment.
This bill passed the US Senate with 100% of the senators voting for it. That's right sports fans...theres enough guilt to go around for both parties. Look it up .... on the last page, 262 there is pre-emption that makes sure that no one is prosecuted by state or local authorities for gambling or running a bucket shop. (Bucket shops were essentially betting parlors on stock prices during the last 1890s and early 1900s, they were outlawed in 1907 after a market crash) so the 2000 lame duck congress brings 'em back.

Its a fact that many democratic senators, Barney Frank comes first to mind, were paid a lot of money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Its also a fact that both Obama and McCain were making noise about theses institutions as early as 2004.

I have contacted my two US Senators and advised them that they are idiots. I also reminded them that they are elected by voters and this voter would never vote for either one of them again. I also have a bet with my husband that neither one has the nerve to contact me by email or phone or personal visit as well.

The people we elect are supposed to be leaders. Their mission is to represent the people. It is abundantly clear that the members of the US congress and senate DO NOT represent the citizens of the USA. They represent their own self interest and the interests of the lobbyists that stuff their pockets in return for votes.

As for me....I am voting for the new guy, it's time for the old guys and gals to go. Especially Nancy Pelosi, Dick Lugar, Kay Bailey Hutchison, John Cornyn, Barney Frank, Hillary Clinton and all the rest of 'em!

We must elect people to represent us that have as their mission the duty to represent all citizens, to make sure that the educational, economic and health care environments are healthy so that all can participate each according to his ability and that the elderly, disabled and impoverished will receive according to their needs.

No one is talking about passing out free money to anyone. The money police are not going to raid the homes of the wealthy, open the safes, or drive the owners to the banks to withdraw their money at gunpoint...but ... that's exactly the picture that is being painted by the republican party and the right wing fundie wacko media right now.

We must have an equitable economic environment that makes sure no one is hungry, homeless, without health care and without education. I don't see that with the current congressional, senatorial leadership or a mccain presidency either.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not An Angry Post

There is something that does not make me angry...learning HTML. I am totally enjoying this.

OK I know I know so I have the worlds' most boring blog with NO pictures, music and other webby shit but that will change.

I am using the book: (purchased a t Barnes & Noble)
Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML by Elisabeth Freeman and Eric Freeman

This book combines exercises, questions, examples and take you step by step. Highly recommended for those hands on visual learner types.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I Just Have To Say Something....


The McCain campaign goes super negative with 'personality issues' and 'palling around with terrorists issues'. Seems McCain still has not figured out that people are sick of NOT hearing about the issues.

Personally John McCain just irritates the shit out of a scratchy wool blanket wrapped around your butt after getting out of a shower irritating the shit out of me...irritating the ... sorry, already said that ...

Yes John McCain spent Xyears in the Hanoi Hilton, but so did other people. I am personally sick of his whining about HIS suffering and HIS experiences and HIS blah and blah and more blah blah military blah and blah. Sorry JM, putting in your time as a POW does not mean you need to be president. As a matter of fact...the way you flip flop on shit makes a bitch wonder if there is not some serious lasting damage to your brain. A lot of good men suffered through their POW years, you were not alone. A lot of good men still suffer from those years. You cheapen history with your whining, self aggrandizing temperment. Regarding is your first wife doing? Remember her....the one in who was in a wheelchair when you got home? The one who still thinks you are a good guy? Traded in for 12 houses and a bunch of cars and a lifelong supply of liquid refreshment.

At some point McCain needs to define what defines him, so far it's the past and not the future. We need a president that is looking forward, not continually reaching back to feed himself with his personal pain.

I can't mention the republican vp nominee without getting seriously I will not.


...and WTF did we expect with naked short selling, default credit swaps, 42 - 1 leveraging, homebuilders, mortgage companies, brokers and all the other players feeding off the carelessly tossed out to the masses deregulation? Deregulation assumes people know how to we see that they do not. The right wing fundie wackos blame the Community Reinvestment Act. Hmmm let's see... blame legislation and not the people involved. If the CRA had been printed, mailed out and file 13'd, could we blame it then? PEOPLE are the problem not legislation. Again, people do not know how to act. It's amazing to me that do-wrong people who make money are touted as heroes by the 'establishment' and then when the bottom falls out and all the money is gone the 'establishment' turns on their 'heroes' and promptly serves them up as the next course to the american taxpayer who then has to pay all the bills as well.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pimped Out By The Right

Poor Bristol 17 years of age...her pregnancy is the hot topic of the 2008 Presidential Election. Pimped by the evangelical (vomit) right with her mothers permission.

The right wing fundie wackos are touting pro-life and ignoring the fact (again) that abstinence only sex education does not work.

How does a bitch know this? Because a bitch has two daughters and granddaughters and knows how hard it is for parents to keep their children from the effects of the Britney Spears/Miley Cyrus teen hos'-darlings-of-the-media.

Telling a child not to have sex because God does not approve is giving that child worthless information. It reminds me of my mother, who never taught me anything...but expected me to know all manner of shit because she expected my ass to. Expecting a child to know something just because some upper level bullshit has been force fed to them is a sad excuse for parenting.

James Dobson...shut up. No one wants to hear what you have to say....

My grandchildren are in abstinence only sex education and because they are comfortable asking their parents the hard questions day one was rough and each day is rough as well. These children want to know and thank God, (not James Dobson), their parents have been up front and brutally honest. It's not a pie-in-the-sky purity ball, giving your heart to Daddy (thats another story...) it's about KNOWLEDGE of yourself, other peoples' motives (oh yes...the girls already know all the lines the boys will use...). My youngest daughter even confronted her son with those same lines...she has spared not one one child for the sake of being proper or embarrassed.

Children need to be parented and parents need to be honest with their children about sex, pregnancy prevention, STD's and all of the other things involved when a decision is made by a teenager to become sexually active. This also includes what being a young mother or father entails as far as responsibilities are concerned.

What is really sad is that a presidential election has once again been hijacked by the right wing fundie wackos with the only important issue being abortion.

Can anyone tell me how someones views on abortion will ensure that disabled adults and children receive medical care?

Can anyone tell me how someones views on abortion will ensure that we have enough energy to power our homes, businesses and automobiles?

Can anyone tell me how someones views on abortion will affect prices at the grocery store or the gas pump?

Can anyone tell me how someones views on abortion will ensure that we are not involved in another war for the sake of war itself?

Can anyone tell me why so called christian people are pimping out an unwed mother to make their pro-life point?

I could give a rats' ass about abortion.....period.

Maybe the right wing fundie wackos could address the following:

Capital gains tax.
Alternative minimum tax.
National Health care.
Food stamps, medi-caid, SS benefits for disabled adults and children being cared for by aging parents or siblings
Care for the elderly
Victims of violent crimes left disabled by those crimes
Short selling the stock market
Small business being taxed for angel investment money
The IRS and their 'un-auditable' accounting system
The national debt
The war in Iraq
The war in Afghanistan
Bank failures
Mortgage and credit crisis and why that moron Ben Bernanke is still Fed Chairman???

Abortion is a wedge issue that is used by the both parties to distract the masses from what is really going on.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Train Ride To Nowhere

For while now this bitch has been trying to identify just WTF crazy existential bullshit she is experiencing concerning just trying to 'make it' these days.

I am standing on a railway platform with thousands of my fellow american citizens...

We are waiting to be loaded like cattle into crowded rail cars for the last ride to hell.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Screwed Again - The Average-Just-Trying-To-Pay-Bills-And-Eat-American-Consumer

Yesterday Being Mothers Day, a friend asked what my husband was getting for me. My snarky reply:

"A tank of gas."

Can I get an AMEN here?

Oil at over 125.00 a barrel, housing prices in the toilet, foreclosures at a record rate and Exxon Mobil rakes in over 11 BILLION a QUARTER in profit.

I wonder if Exxon is going to invest in alternative energy sources or look for more oil?

I am not one of those the-government-needs-to-fix-this-shit-people, but damn. I look around at how the restaurants are DESERTED at lunchtime and wonder...WTF???? Shit this bitch stopped going to lunch as well. I don't care if the special is 4.99, my ass can't afford the extra gas, the tip and the price of the meal, since that's what lunch REALLY COSTS.

Back to brownbagging again. That's OK too, because I will survive what ever the fuck these bastards dish out.

My questions is:

Is it really possible that the American Government AND the Corporation are out to destroy the US citizens and the US economy as well? Sure seems like it...I sure feel like I am under attack.

( I mean really Ben Bernanke????????????????)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Letter To Mr. Obama

Dear Sir,

The media is full of a number of reports of infamy (my term) regarding you, Jeramiah Wright and the when-did-you-know-he-was-a-bigot-and-why-did-you-stay-in-his-church-amongst-other-speculative-and-misrepresented-misrepresentations-...etc.

Might I offer some uncalled for Jewish Mother advice?

Don't get caught up in the game, (think trap here) that people are setting for you. Keep working your gameplan. Devote your time to the message you have for the American People...not to the hate mongers and troublemakers of the world.

There are a lot of people..including me that believe that you are the person that can unite this country. Voters I hope are a lot smarter than what the media gives them credit for.

Trust me, you are not the only person in the world to be associated with crazy friends or ex-friends.

Best, Angry Old B.I.T.C.H.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More From The Church - How Much More Do we Really Need?

Can we really as a society take any more lunacy from the religious right?
NOTE Here: SOUTHERN WHITE protestant right wing fundamental group.

Take for example the Jonesville (SC) Church of God (see description above on note) which has posted this message on their marquee in front of the church building:

"Obama, Osama, humm, are they brothers?"

WTF is that crazy shit?

When interviewed by the local TV station, the pastors' (????) excuse (my word) was that they were just trying to make people THINK. When presented to the lcoal group (of 30) they unamiously decided to keep the message there.


Think about how many of those stupid untrue Obama is a muslim emails that have been circulating for months? Mostly from your friends AT CHURCH.

Think about how many of those other stupid unture Obama does not salute the flag emails that have circulated for months? Mostly from your friends AT CHURCH.

Think about how Obama could not possibly be anything else than crazy fuck BinLadens brother?

How about this?

If you were a member of any church group and were in Jonesville SC on business and decided to attend services WOULD YOU GO THERE IF YOU SAW THAT PUBLIC DISPLAY OF IGNORANCE AND LIES?

I would not.

I would not worship with people that advertise ignorance and lies ... there for the whole world to see. I would not worship with people who advertise that the gospel is NOT preached in that building.

These fools need to have their tax free status revoked as well.

This bitch has been known to walk out of church when the gospel is not being preached.

Can I get an AMEN?

UPDATE: 4-23-2008
The sign has some down, but the 'pastor' is unresponsive to requests to explain 'why'. Embarrassed ?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Religious Freedom and Online Business Forums

Reading the BofA Online Business Forum a certain 'DD' made a truly big deal of another posters religious contextual comments, which were juvenile and uncalled for.

However this 'DD' person posted then that she agreed with the poster about religion and her objections were that religion did not belong in a 'secular forum'.

Hmmm. I think I like that 'DD' person and I agree with her...religious comments have no place in business forums.

Why can't the christians just keep it on the religious blogs? No one is trying to stiffle free speech, its just that if you are a christian, and you really believe it is a 'one another world' you will respect everyone in a public forum.

Christians need to get over the themselves just like people need to get over the Reagan years.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Financial Idiocy .... Countrywide Mortgage Goes Postal

Countrywide Mortgage is now advertising a mortgage re-finance that can include:

Car Note
Credit Card debt

Excuse me...what the total fuck is wrong with you morons?

After putting all that shit in a refi on a home thats lost 20% (or more) of its' market value do ya think that there may be another round of countrywide total fuck up?

Your CEO Anthony Mozillo resigned and took his millions, one would think that some real financial products that made some fucking sense would be the natural course of action.

As we can see, that's not the case. Good grief.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Embarassment

James David Manning Ph.D, blasts Barack Obama because of the Obama Girl videos, neglecting to remember that the Obama campaign had nothing to do with them. He also accuses Obamas dad of 'whoring after a white woman'.

WTF is with these preachers who use these churches as havens for their insane political and racial rhetoric?

Where the fuck is the IRS??????

While I think Obama 'weenied out' of his duty to kick Wright to the curb, this Manning guy is a total freakazoid who makes Wright look like his only misdeed was escaping from an alzheimers unit.

The first amendment sure does hurt sometimes......

Lord save us from the preachers.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Embarrassed by What People Say

Considering Barack Obamas speech today regarding his pastor at Trintiy UCoC I have to admit that I am totally embarrassed.

Face it, Jeramiah Wright is a bigoted fruitcake. But thats OK because this is America, land of the First Amendment. Wright has as much right as anyone else to spew racial hatred as the white supremacist agrarian racist fruitcakes on the many southern born and bred websites. We may not like it and we may decry it but it or not...the guy has a right to speak his mind. (If you can call it that.)

My problem is twofold.

If Trinity is a church and churches are about preaching the gospel, then Trinity needs to have their tax free status revoked by the IRS as the message has changed from the gospel to politics and race issues.

The second problem stems from the fact that Wright seems to have lost what the gospel is really all about. If he were to preach the gospel..really preach the gospel would there be a need for racist fruitcake ranting from the pulpit? Does this man even know WHAT the gospel is? Does he even know who Jesus is? What kind of pastor...who supposedly has a call from God to preach uses Gods' name in vain in a sermon? What kind of pastor called by God to preach preaches hatred in Gods name?

I can appreciate Barack Obama addressing the racial issues, however I would like to hear him address how he can stand by a man who professes Christ yet shows everything that is the antithesis of Christ by his words.

That alone would be enough to sever this relationship...regardless of whether or not the pastor married him, baptized his children and was his spiritual mentor. If Barack Obama is a professing christian he needs to stand up and say that Wright is conpletely wrong and has left his first love. Which is what Christ is supposed to be to any professing Christian. (Now I know that all of you right wing religious Pat Robertson/Jerry Fallwell/Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity crazy assess out there will say that the first love is the repukelican party and taking dominion over society...but we really all do know how its' really supposed to be don't we?)

If Wright is the kind of spiritual mentor who is the antithesis of all things Christ why does Obama continue to cling to him? Who is the goat in this picture?

This bitch has to walk away from a church that she had been a member of for 15 years because the pastor left his first love....hard to do...but necessary to preserve the relationship with ...the first love.

Obama...rethink this...please. I am totally embarrassed for you and your church.

Wright....don't fight it if the IRS sends you a letter revoking Trinitys' tax free brought in on yourself and the churches' members.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Dead Bear in the Middle of the Road

Was a bitch right or what on this shit??? The Bear got eaten alive by JP Morgan Chase with funds from Uncle Ben and the blessings of Bush and Paulson. Two bucks a share!!!

I bet this was the first time Bush was really aware that some serious shit was wrong with the economy. What is really funny/weird is that no matter what is going the time the presidential election rolls around shit is always about the's like there are presidential-election-economy-gnomes that stir it all up and then run away and hide.

Problem is no one knows how to listen to Fed bullshit now that Greenspan isn't there speaking in "FedSpeak". The Fed did just fine if no one knew what the fuck it meant.

Yeah....we can always put all the christian right divisive issues on the back burner..because it really IS about the economy...stupid.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bailing Out the Bear

Uncle Ben and the Federal Reserve (see valentine to ben posted earlier) have bailed out Bear Stearns to the tune of we-can't-tell-you but the Bear has a write downs of 2.75 BILLION mostly due to the mortgage sub prime mess the USA is now in.

JPMorgan-Chase was the one who pumped in capital into the bears cave with the blessings of Uncle Ben. Chase is in pretty good I smell this bear getting eaten alive?

Which leads me to remember just how pissed off I am that theres even a fucking sub prime crisis to begin with.....

In 2004 hubby & I decided that we needed more space (we really did) and we decided to buy a new house with sorta well known to the 1st time home builder whose CEO resigned after back dating some options.....

Bottom line...since I was applying for the mortgage in my name only you would have thought the world had come to an end....all I heard from various home builder mortgage brokers was: Miss Bitch you are self employed.

No shit.

The last moron that said that to me received the "I know that you stupid bitch" answer at which point my husband sweetly (he knew better) asked me to go get something to drink....

Bottom line, told home builder mortgage people to fuck off and applied at national savings & loan. The mortage system was so fucked up there that I was dealing with a loan officer in FLORIDA and an underwriter in San Francisco who kept having fights with his boyfriend who then would get pissed and go nuts at work....

Home Builder was pissed that we did not buy 20,000 worth of upgrades when we built the house and used only 7800 of our 9700 in incentive money leaving extra money on the down payment. They took 10 months to build a 120 day house....and then had the nerve to want a good customer service survey... WTF?????????????

S&L Branch manager saves my ass. (NOTE: When dealing with S&L never call the 800 number always go to the branch...the executive people are CLUELESS....) we close and move in.

That 169,900 house could have cost our asses nearly 200,000 if we had bought all the shit home builder wanted to sell us at hyper inflated prices. Of course the home builder mortgage company would have financed all the shit we wanted at 2 points above what everyone else was getting because my ass was self employed.

Instead of buying their high priced lighting I bought on sale at Home Depot and Same with the storm doors...Andersen at Home Depot. I also got blinds for 22 windows for about 1050 from an online website...75% less than home-builder studio.

Bottom line....people just got too fucking happy with shit and no one ever looked at the future and said Hmmmm what happens IF? BTW most of the variable rate mortages were tied to the LIBOR (London Index Bank Overnight Rate) and when that bitch moved...straight up! We refi'd our variable rate that was on its way to 7.5 back to 5.8 30 year fixed 24 months after closing.

People got caught because they were not educated consumers. For fucks sake people...get with it! If you are going to sign a note for several hundred thousand dollars don't you think some education is in order? Like WTF am I signing? WTF does it mean ? Will my ass be able to pay for it if shit gets nasty? Then you better learn how to figure with a calculator the shit is nasty results and show much it will cost your ass as well. You also better learn how to read the financial pages on Yahoo Finance and keep up with your shit.

Sorry if your ass is losing your home...sorry you believed all the bullshit you got fed. Me? I refuse to let someone else tell me how much money I need to spend to make my ass happy.

Dave Ramseys "Total Money Makeover" would be a good start.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Wonder What Would Happen If?

The republicans are up in arms over Barack Obamas foreign policy stance of meeting with Raul Castro. Hillary, just like the republicans qualifies any meeting with 'there must be visible changes before...'. Obama however seems to leave the door open for dialog before we can see any change.

So...a bitch is wondering what if:

What if the USA took a really christian stance and esteemed others better than themselves and started meeting with some of the

What if the USA could be counted on to help solve problems through dialog instead of invasion?

What if a US President reached out in good faith to these countries and encouraged others to do so as well.

What would happen if the left started doing what the right lays claim to but wouldn't know if it smacked them upside the head?

I wonder...what if.....just what if......

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Valentine for Bernanke

Cramer (cnbc) say s we should send Uncle Ben a valentine. Problem is as usual a bitch has to use THEIR words. Fuck that. I like my version better.

Collards are green
Sky is blue
We are so fucked
To have a Fed Chairman like you.

May the fleas of a million camels infest your ears.....

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Politics of Race

The democrats have never really gotten it.

When Lyndon Johnson was forced to force Congress to pass civil rights legislation it was REPUBLICAN Senator Everett Dirksen from Illinios who kept prevented a filibuster by the southern democrats who were opposed to the legislation.

Hmmm...the civil rights movement started in the south....George Wallace, then governor of Alabama swore that integration of the schools would never happen.

The senator (Hillary Clinton ) was quoted as saying King's dream of racial equality was realized only when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

I guess I must be stupid. You see I REMEMBER the newspaper articles about Rosa Parks being arrested in Montgomery. I REMEMBER the civil rights workers both black and white that were killed. WOW a couple of people actually were convicted of those crimes over 30 years later. I remember how at our high school one of my friends was arrested for wearing a black power shirt. I REMEMBER how all the the students at that high school both black and white walked out in protest. I REMEMBER when having black friends got a white person called a n*&&^% lover.

I REMEMBER. Which is more than Hillary can say.

What if LBJ had not been forced to push this legislation?

Would there still be lynchings?

Would civil rights workers still be killed and their bodies buried in unmarked graves?

Would protesters still be subject to water canons or bullets such as met the war protesters at Kent State?

Would there still be segregated water fountains and restrooms?

LBJ did not do shit. His ass was forced to do something because this country was torn apart. All he did was give people the mistaken message that the Democratic party really cared.

Hope everyone now knows the truth.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Mike Huckabees' feeble attempts to actually fit in and be a viable candidate concerned with the issues finally died in a church in New Hampshire where he spoke of christians being in 'Gods' army'. Excuse me, I did not know that God was recruiting 'soldiers'.

I keep reading : Preach the gospel and baptize. Doesn't sound like 'Uncle Sam Wants YOU'.

Does it?

Friday, January 04, 2008

Why I Am NOT Voting With The 'Christian' Right

Obama and Huckabee.

Who'd 'a thought THAT six months ago? Voicing that prediction would have gotten you committed faster than Lindsey Lohan or Britney Spears into some serious 'political thought rehab'.

Here we go with the 'evangelical thing' again. How the Christians have to 'take back' the world and society for God.

Well if we really believe that we are truly, "ONE NATION UNDER GOD", then we are assuming ourselves to be UNDER the protection of God, that He is active and in control. So then if we as Christians really believe that then why do we waste so much time trying to have dominion over a society and country that we already don't have dominion over because we are under God. I personally can not possibly imagine me being able to thwart the will or providence of God.

Hey I am all for doing good a matter of fact I am all for everyone doing good works. It really is a 'one another world' we live in. There isn't anyone I know, christian or atheist that would not agree that it is good to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. As a matter of fact..the atheists I know treat me a heck of a lot better than some of the more 'religious' people I know. Hmmmmmm.

Back to the topic.....the business of the church is to preach the gospel. I have heard the gospel and the more I hear of it...the more I reject the notion that the christian right should speak for me, tell me how to think and tell me how to vote. The business of any Christ or God minded person should be:

To do justice, to love mercy and walk humbly with your God; and love your neighbor as yourself. Frankly, being the person I takes up most of my time just living by those words.

Yes my country is important to me, and I am going to vote for the person who in my mind, will do what he is called to do, what he swears to do, with his hand on a Bible, and that is: Defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

We live in a country where it is important that ALL citizens are treated as being equal, where ALL citizens are free to achieve as much as they desire to, and where all citizens when not able to care for themselves can count on a system of justice and equality to provide for them.

I am voting for Barak Obama.