Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pimped Out By The Right

Poor Bristol Palin...at 17 years of age...her pregnancy is the hot topic of the 2008 Presidential Election. Pimped by the evangelical (vomit) right with her mothers permission.

The right wing fundie wackos are touting pro-life and ignoring the fact (again) that abstinence only sex education does not work.

How does a bitch know this? Because a bitch has two daughters and granddaughters and knows how hard it is for parents to keep their children from the effects of the Britney Spears/Miley Cyrus teen hos'-darlings-of-the-media.

Telling a child not to have sex because God does not approve is giving that child worthless information. It reminds me of my mother, who never taught me anything...but expected me to know all manner of shit because she expected my ass to. Expecting a child to know something just because some upper level bullshit has been force fed to them is a sad excuse for parenting.

James Dobson...shut up. No one wants to hear what you have to say....

My grandchildren are in abstinence only sex education and because they are comfortable asking their parents the hard questions day one was rough and each day is rough as well. These children want to know and thank God, (not James Dobson), their parents have been up front and brutally honest. It's not a pie-in-the-sky purity ball, giving your heart to Daddy (thats another story...) it's about KNOWLEDGE of yourself, other peoples' motives (oh yes...the girls already know all the lines the boys will use...). My youngest daughter even confronted her son with those same lines...she has spared not one one child for the sake of being proper or embarrassed.

Children need to be parented and parents need to be honest with their children about sex, pregnancy prevention, STD's and all of the other things involved when a decision is made by a teenager to become sexually active. This also includes what being a young mother or father entails as far as responsibilities are concerned.

What is really sad is that a presidential election has once again been hijacked by the right wing fundie wackos with the only important issue being abortion.

Can anyone tell me how someones views on abortion will ensure that disabled adults and children receive medical care?

Can anyone tell me how someones views on abortion will ensure that we have enough energy to power our homes, businesses and automobiles?

Can anyone tell me how someones views on abortion will affect prices at the grocery store or the gas pump?

Can anyone tell me how someones views on abortion will ensure that we are not involved in another war for the sake of war itself?

Can anyone tell me why so called christian people are pimping out an unwed mother to make their pro-life point?

I could give a rats' ass about abortion.....period.

Maybe the right wing fundie wackos could address the following:

Capital gains tax.
Alternative minimum tax.
National Health care.
Food stamps, medi-caid, SS benefits for disabled adults and children being cared for by aging parents or siblings
Care for the elderly
Victims of violent crimes left disabled by those crimes
Short selling the stock market
Small business being taxed for angel investment money
The IRS and their 'un-auditable' accounting system
The national debt
The war in Iraq
The war in Afghanistan
Bank failures
Mortgage and credit crisis and why that moron Ben Bernanke is still Fed Chairman???

Abortion is a wedge issue that is used by the both parties to distract the masses from what is really going on.