Monday, November 20, 2006

The War on Women at Their Expense

The fix-it-up-plastic-surgeon society should be really happy today. CNBC reported this AM that the silicone breast implant is back and newly FDA approved....

....with caveats of course......yes they ARE safe.....if

you have an MRI each year and have all manner of follow up exams..


If silicone implants are SAFE then WHY all the medical follow up?

Lets see...the FDA re-approves an unsafe item after 14 years off the market and out of womens the implant makers can kick back money to the doctors and the doctors can make nore money with tons of follow up for the unsafe product that they put into someones body.

Oh I see how this the expense of our safety...after all it truly is about the money...

I am convinced the medical establishment is at war with women with the help of womens magazines and the advertising industry......we are told that we are too fat...our breasts are too small...our tummies too poochy all to put dollars in some doctors pocket....the same magazines that have the 89 pound model on the cover then have articles on how unsafe it is to weigh 89 pounds...five more diet articles....several plastic surgery articles and voila!...what the hell are we supposed to think.

I was looking at pics of myself when I was a size 4 and I thought I was fat because my cheating ex fuck off husband said I am a size 10-12 and happy and hubby loves my curves...and I don't need a boob job either.....

Girls...look at this crap for what it is...just crap....and then...move on...QUICK.

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