Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Letter to the Presidents of all Countries

Native American Proverb:

An elder of the tribe is talking with a young boy. He says to the boy "I am so very tired, because I have these two wolves inside of me and they are having a ferocious fight."

The child looks up at him with eyes that are wide with fright and curiosity. "What are they fighting about?"

The elder says "One wolf is full of rage, humiliation, envy and violence because he feels he has been mistreated. The other wolf wants justice, nuture, love and prosperity."

The little boy is concerned for his old friend. He asks " Which wolf will win?"

The elder man replies "Whichever one I feed."

I ask the Presidents of all countries today..."Which wolf are you feeding?"


Honey Welling said...

wow, that proverb is absolutely perfect.

AOB said...

Yes it is, I plan on sharing it with my business associates as well as children and grandchildren this Christmas.