Monday, January 02, 2006

Bye Bye 2005


Another year gone and with it all manner of things this bitch will remember with fondness and those things a bitch will jot down and then toss out with the trash.


My children and grandchildren.
My husband.
Working hard and fabulous co workers....and bosses and clients!!!!
Good friends (you know what you are).
Multi level marketing... (A Bitch loves being healthy, beautiful and having $$$$$$$$$).
Secret shit in work......

Kicked to the curb:

My brother & his wife. If they take any more medication they will be condsidered pharmaceutical factories...the last straw was the anti-psychotics...this bitch does not do pharma induced crazy...
BTW their only problems are that they are married to each other, are too stupid to realize that they are co dependent and keep running to the doctor to get medication to solve the shit (or some reality based counseling and a natural diet) that a divorce would take care of....but hey some people are happy being stupid and medicated...have fun sitting in the street......hope ya can move fast enough to dodge the traffic....

Mom for buying into this shit....

In laws that do not like my ass. Hey I tried to be nice even though you have snarky, judgemental anti & fundamentalist church of christ nastiness.....SO my reformed presbyterian ass gave the fuck up! Damn I am glad your ass is not in charge of heaven.......oh shit I am sorry because your ass thinks it is!

Liars, thieves and general nastiness. Anyone caught bringing these qualities into this bitches world WILL suffer the consequences.

Any questions?

Good. Happy New Year.

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