Saturday, October 14, 2006

Are You Aware Yet?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month?

Oh Goody!!!! Time to remember and DO NOTHING ABOUT:

Sex trade trafficking...women and children kidnapped and forced into prostitution.

How about Thailands child sex trade that satisfies the needs of all those American and European men?

Lets remember all the women killed by their partners AFTER the judge issued the 'protecive order' that was nothing more than just a piece of paper....

Let's remember the police officers that tell us each day that "There's nothing we can do."
Translate that to: There's nothing we will do.

Lets remember the muslim women that have to hide themselves and are subject to being beaten for showing any skin at all.

Lets remember that women are STILL second class citizens when it comes to 'spousal rights'.

Lets remember the thousands of those who do not speak up becasue they do not know how.....

Lets remember the men who know HOW to beat and abuse..lets remember...and then forget.....

After all its just women and children. It's a mans world. Who cares about them?

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