Friday, September 30, 2005

Republican Party Pigs

Oh a bitch is soooooo angry today. She found out that Congressman Mike Pence had the NERVE to suggest that the Federal Government curtail spending by eliminating PORK from the federal budget. Damn.....

A bitch also found out that Dennis Hastert, erstwhile Speaker of the House, Tom (My ass is going to be Bubbas baby) DeLay (no pun intended even if it is his name), Bill Thomas, Ways & Means Committee and Dan Young, Transportation Chairman took out Mr. Pence to the proverbial woodshed and tanned his hide plumb smooth red!!!

Let me see, a bitch voted Republican because she was promised a more responsible federal government. Now a bitch...along with countless other millions of other bitches and who else is being asked to foot the bill.

Let me does FUCK YOU sound? How does see what my ass does in 2006 sound?

This bitch gets up each and every damn day, sick or not, rain or sine and gets her ass to work to earn her living. A bitch also is self employed, owning several businesses. A bitch also pays TAXES on what a bitch EARNS. Remember that assholes when the Republican party calls my ass and asks for a donation and a bitch tells you to fuck off.

I am thinking that pork money for stupid projects could be better put to use for some pork projects like some services for my autistic grandson who is still at home. He was due this year but has been postponed till 2008.

A bitch would like to know what the bank would say to her if she notified them that AOB is going to run her finances like the FUCKING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and ask the bank to just ignore the shit. I wonder how long it would take to get my ass thrown in jail for fucking fraud?????

Well this federal government needs to take a long look at itself. This is the most fucking fraudulent shit I have ever seen!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Weighing In On Martha

AOB has noticed that Martha Stewart has received 'less than admirable reviews' for her new show including the Nielson 6.8 out of 10 share. Considerably less than 'Donald' in his first and subsequent seasons.

Marthas' show in this AOB's opinion, has a wonderful below the surface tension about it. On the surface very light & airy howver deep down competitive and just plain..should AOB just say it? "BITCHY". NBC has found some bitchy men as well.This should in AOB's opinion make for some awesome bitch tv as the competiton really heats up and the bitch estrogen and bitch testosterone starts flying. It is AOB's opinion even PRIOR to seeing the Donald this evening that the bitch factor on Martha Stewart will highly outpace the original and will this season provide much bitchifies and bitchitude (HT ABB) viewing.

Omarosa just got her ass kicked.

AOB loves the "You just do not fit in; goodbye" line. What bitch. What damn bitch NERVE. I mean telling someone "You just do not fit; goodbye" is coldest to the bone AOB has heard in many moons. That phrase is completely indescribable. AOB would be highly upset and bitchifies if somone said that to her ass on national TV. The phrase just makes the bitch hormones flood with joy....a phrase AOB will cherish and treasure forever.

AOB also like the fact the 'misfit' gets a personal note but does not get the chance to run off at the mouth in the exiting taxi. Its like "just go with your you-do-not-fit-self and I will have the last word.

AOB was not much of a Martha fan PRIOR to all of little troubles and escapades but AOB has a great respect for someone who weathers the storm and comes roaring back. (AOB does not care if Martha had an $11,000 Birkin bag on her ass when she went to court...AOB would have had it on her ass too).

AOB will at some point in the future devote some extraordinary space to Marthas' trial and the bullshit that went on.

In the meantime.... :"You just do not fit; goodbye". It's a good thing.

Be sure, home gamers to listen real close for the business tip each week.
This weeks tip:

Always connect with the customer.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Now This FOLKS is Some Real Fucked Up Shit

Hat Tip to Foxnews:

A grand jury in Philadelphia, PA has found that for over 40 years, the Catholic Church Philadelphia Archdiocese concealed the horrific sexual abuse (emphasis belonging to a really Angry Old Bitch) that the priests dealing out to the young children of the various parishes. The archdiocese regularly reassigned these pedophiles and knowingly and intentionally aided and abetted their criminal behavior.

HOWEVER...and this is where a bitch gets bitchifies..

There can be NO criminal prosecution against the organization because it is an unincorporated association rather than a corporation.

What the double triple shit fuck piss shit is this????
A child is molested and the molesters and their protectors get away scott fucking free?

A bitch is so pissed she cannot see straight. Who the fuck is the catholic church that it is above any law? A bitch is so pissed she cannot think straight.

Angry Old Bitch is glad for one thing.....that this has never happened to one of her children or grandchildren. This bitch would be in jail for a long fucking damn time.

Oh and yes...that little sister bitch Rita? She's now a category 5 bitch. Watch out ya'll. Here comes lil sis.....sure enough going to show her fiery red ass.

One Small Bitch Noticed..

AOB has been noticed by the great "ABB"... AngryBlackBitch. AOB is truly humbled and would like to in return present the ABB with a small token of her affection. Her chili recipie.

Angry Old Bitches Pirate Red Chili
or as the Pastor said, "Damn that's HOT."

1/2 bag of little red beans NOT kidney beans, the night before you start your chili soak these beans at least 15 hours and have them ready to go when you start the chili
2 pounds of nice meat, beef or venison. Ground or chunked your choice.
2 jars of chili pepper (one jar per pound of meat) 2.5oz each
8 lovely fresh cloves of garlic, use a press now!
1/2 very large onion chopped or 1 med size onion chopped
Chipotle pepper (Spice Islands is yummcious) heh heh heh
sea salt
some flour
some water spring not tap
tad smidge of olive oil
Large pan big enough to cook all of the meat
Crock pot

OK.first peel & press garlic cloves into large pan. Chop onion add to garlic. Add tad smidge of olive oil and saute this lovely mixture until it is golden.

Then add meat, cooking until done. Now for the chili powder. A good rule is 2-2.5 oz per pound of meat. Add and stir up your meat.

Now take sea salt and spread a fine layer over the entire top contents of the pan. Keep on cooking and stir it up good. Start adding some flour enough to make it thicken.

Now taste this mixture. It must be smooooooth and not bitter but hot as hell. (the hot should sneak up on your taste buds) if its bitter....add more salt just a tad smidge at a time until you are happy.

Now put this ambrosia into the crock pot and add the nicely soaked and ready to go little red beans.

Add some water to this mixture to dilute a little bit or to your own liking.

NOW...add chipolte pepper, I use about one tablespoon. This will add a smoky flavor to the chili. Use more if you are so inclined.

Cook on low at least several hours, until beans are right. Serve with chopped onion and shredded cheese on top and make some jalapeno cornbread too.

Pirate Red...Damn that's HOT.

And If Your Ass Was Not Wet Enough

Shit....damn and well just plain fuck.

Here we go again home gamers...another wet assed bitch Rita..(little sister to that ho Katrina) is determined to show her big sister that she can put as much or more of a hurt on anything in her path...seeing that the weather here in Texas has been very warm this past week little sis has plenty of fuel to add to her red fiery ass making the shit she has whipped up more to maybe a Cat 5 . Damn shit and fuck damn.

Texas coastal areas started evacuation warnings on Monday and the buses start to roll today even though Miss Thang is not expected to make landfall until the weekend.

What the fuck is this shit???? Planning? By the local government? Seems to AOB that the Mayor of N'Awlins and the Guv'nr of Lu'siana need to be a 'payin some most precious SPECIAL FUCKING ATTENTION to how shit is really done..OK???

Rita is expected to even affect DFW area with winds as high as 70mph. AOB knows its time for a good book, The Good Book, and a vodka martini while lounging in her antique mansion bed with spoiled rotten dog and special other.

This bitch knows when to get the fuck out of the way of another bigger bitch.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Where is Madman

Where the fuck is Madman????? AOB. Fill her in...went on vacation. Came home and you were gone.......

And on and on minor shit....

#24 AOB hates to clean house...but hates a dirty house even more.

#25 AOB hates doing laundry....but refuses to go out in dirty clothes.


#23 Fucktards That Think They Know......

I call them 'fucktards'. Let AOB explain. A fucktard is usually a man (sometimes..though very rarely, a woman) that gets into your intellectual shit when a bitch stands up and gives her opinion. He could give a FUCK less and he is an intellectual and emotional RE-TARD... so we have FUCKTARD.

There are a lot of fucktards out there in the cyberworld. You may have collided with one in a chat room or in a support group. These emotional morons are all prim and proper except when they see something they do not agree with. These fucktards also troll the blogs and leave nasty comments wherever they go. They are emotionally bankrupt, socially inept and above all...they are bullies.

So FUCKTARDS of the cyber world........


A Bitch Is Up Early

Gather round home gamers....a bitch is up early and has a few things to add to the bitch list:

AOB had a PO Box at a business called Parcel Plus. Now this was very convenient for the bitch as she has four businesses. These are: Aircraft Technical Consulting (Heavy Aircraft..not that small bug smasher shit), Health & Wellness (yes your ass is probably sick and run down and you need the shit too), the AOB's design business and the new business (dare a bitch speak it?).

AOB noticed about six weeks ago that said owner had a lot of stockc marked 1/2 off. AOB asked if the business was closing. 'No' was the answer...note that AOB asked this question every week for a month. Last Saturday AOB picks up her mail and finds a letter advising her to get a new PO BOX ASAP as the business has been sold and "the new owners may not have time to start operations quickly enough to prevent a disruption in your business needs."

To add insult to injury, the (words escape me here people) owners had the nerve to sign 'Warm Regards'.


So that fucking day..I had to find a new box. Make a list of all the mail that comes to that box inlcuding credit card and cell phone bills, order new checks and new business cards.

SO SYLVIA.....You cost me 500.00. Which would have not been avoidable but if you had been up front and ass would not have been rushing around like a some tasmanian fucking devil trying to get my shit straight so I did not have a disruption in my business needs.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Not AGAIN.....

This is it...the latest on Cindy My-husband-does-not-want-my-dead-ass-so-I-am-going-on-a-bus-trip-and-making-myself-look-like-a-dumb-ass-every-waking-moment-and-even-when-I-sleep Sheehan.

Ready home gamers? AOB found this little nuggett. HT to Matt Drudge over at DrudgeReport.

"Celebrity anti-war protester, fresh off inking a lucrative deal with Speakers' Bureau, has demanded on Michael Mores' website that the United States military must immediately leave 'occupied' New Orleans.

"'I do not care if a human being is black, brown, white, yellow or pink. I do not care if a human being is Christian, Muslim, Jew or Buddhist or pagan. I do not care what flag a person salutes: if a human being is hungry then it is up to another human being to feed him/her. George Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his administration , pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq, and excuse his self from power. The only way America will become more secure id if we have a new administration that cares about Ameicans even if they do not fall into the top two percent of the wealthiest.'"

What the fuck. Has Miss THANG lost what was left of her mind after her brain fried in the Texas heat??????

Work with me home gamers. Pull out of occupied New Orleans as compared to Iraq?

Let a bitch see......New Orleans got hit by that other other natural bitch Katrina...wind, rain, water up everyones ass....

Now Iraq got hit by shock and awe....

The people in N'Awlins were known for Mardi Gras, wonderful food, hospitality...

The people in Iraq were known because Saddam was killing all of their asses...

So an AOB wonders...Cindy Sheehan you brain fried (hell no I will not give you the title of bitch do you hear me???) doofus what the fuck do you mean occupied New Orleans?

Do you mean the troops that left Iraq only to come home to the USA and go straight to hurricane relief instead of seeing their families?

Do you mean the troops that are helping to evacuate and rescue people?

This AOB hopes to hell that if her ass is in trouble somebody, maybe a Marine or Army or Navy or shit hell even the damn COAST GUARD will be there to help a AOB get to safety.

Also, please be advised cindy miss thang that there will be another presidential election in 2008. I suggest you vote if you last that long.....seems you have a good case of sunstroke going on but hey what does an AOB know?

Oh and by the way miss thang...the top 2% wealthiest people employ more people than the bottom 98% do. Think about it stupid miss cindy thang....Bill Gates is a rich MOFO but the paychecks he gives out to THOUSANDS OF WORKERS keep a good portion of the rest of the shit

Get to grief counseling and shut the fuck up.

This Thing Going Around....

In a hat tip to NuggetMaven and Angry Black Bitch, another bitch would like to add some more shit to the list of shit to hate.

#DAMN 1 AOB hates people that whine about how poor and shitful their life is while they are sitting on their asses doing not a damn thing. These people have no job, claim to be be sick with all sorts of other shit and collect my damn tax dollars every month while crying about all their stupid problems. Get your asses up out of the damn dirt, take a bath and get a job!

#2 YES I HAVE A BIG MO FO SUV. We are a one car family and need a vehicle that performs multiple functions. This includes hauling parts and other shit for aircraft....old and the dog. When my ass calls your ass and asks for gas money, money to maintain the car and money for insurance then your ass can complain. Until then go ride a damn tricycle, worry about yourself and quit worrying about what I am doing.

#3 Illegals driving cars. These bastards drive SO DAMN SLOW in the FAST LANE because they are scared of being stopped by the po-lice. They better be scared of this AOB and a case of road rage.

#4 People that think they know what I am thinking. And you have these what? amazing ESP powers?

#5 Please do not give me your life story about being gay. I could care less and it means nothing to me. Yes you have the right to a job, a home, some clothes on your ass, a car and all the other shit society has to offer. Get a life..I have mine. I liked you and knew you were gay before you opened your mouth....

#6 People that post nasty shit on other peoples blogs. Their blog is their internet home you fuck tards....get some damn manners. If you do not agree...go on by..

#7 Men that cheat on their wives and have babies with their whores. Now that says it all HUH?

#8 Cheap people that conveniently show up at lunch and then have no happens only one time with the AOB...after that your ass washes dishes.

#9 Mothers that let their 6 year old children dress like the whores in #7.

#10 Other people that tell the AOB that they permit them to 'work out their salvation". EXCUSE ME, did a AOB miss something here?

#11 People that pretend to be a AOB's friend when it is convenient or they need something then as soon as their shit is cool they turn on the bitch like a rabid dog.

#12 AOB really hates those stupid emails that end with "if you love Jesus you will forward this to 100 people in 3 minutes, if you do not forward this then you have just denied your Lord." Let me see.. how about if sending you the latest computer virus or worm shows my love for YOU.

#13 fundy baptists and 'anti' church of christers. Please take some serious time to study some systematic theology..ok?

#14 Those that treat an AOB's children badly...I do not care if they are GROWN.

#15 AOB absolutely HATES people that do not take responsibility for their screw ups and always have an excuse about the other persons actions that caused them to become confused and stupid.

#16 UPS...yes United Parcel Service aka Box Nazis.

#17 People asking me why I wear so much jewelry.

#18 AOL customer service. If they could find someone who speaks real English it would help an AOB get some customer service.

#19 People that ask the same damn question fifty different ways and then get pissed when they get the same answer for each of the fifty questions. You see AOB catches what you are doing and is smarter than you.

#20 Trying to get some telephone service hooked up...hello COMCAST??? and having to deal with 50 village idiots and still no damn service.

#21 Gas Prices....ya think?

#22 The New Perspective on Paul. It seems to an AOB that some johnny come lately is just now discovering this stupid shit. Please take your silly assed opinions to the toilet and flush them...this issue has had enough attention. No one cares what you think.

More later......

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Catching Up...

A bitch was at her high school reunion, #35 for all you blogging home gamers out there and a bitch still looks good!! So good that hottie son aged 30 was a hottie old bitchs' date!

Now lets see...that other MoFo Ho Katrina. She sure tore things up in more ways than one. People dying, people looting, children being raped and assaulted in shelters. And its all Bushs' fault?

Excuse me?

It seems to this bitch that the governor of Louisiana should have declared martial law on Monday like the governor of Mississippi did.Or did this bitch miss something?

Now did Bush call up this Ho Katrina? If he did...he's a good one, well nigh next to God I would say. Bull shit. Bush did no more call up all this shit than I did. People..please realize that the weather hit N'awlins, not Bush 43.

Also, if you remember correctly Monday night...Bourbon Street was DRY. Nothing really got bad until THE LEVEE BROKE. Now was that Scooters' fault too????

People Corps of Engineers projects are thought of in terms of DECADES not months or lets go back to JFK & Johnson in the 60's, Nixon & Ford in the 70's, Carter...Reagan...Bush 41, many of those administrations CUT the corps budget? Maybe some historical research is in order home gamers.

Maybe Bush 43 was not as quick to intervene s anyone thought he should have been, too bad the governor of LA sat on her hands and did not a damn thing from her dry spot in Baton Rouge.

People that are pointing the finger need to understand HURRICANE and to also realize that the city of New Orleans also had responsibility to make sure the infrastrcuture was there and that evacuation plans were in place.Does the Federal government have to do EVERYTHING????

When will state and local governments STOP looking to Big Brother for everything while screaming about their states rights? You want states rights? Get off your corrupt asses and start governing like you do. Of course in the case of Louisiana mostly all of the officials are in jail or waiting to get caught.