Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lets Talk About the Redistribution of Wealth

The republican party would have us all cowering in fear in the corner furthest from the front door, shotgun in one hand, bible in the other, all savings stuffed in the mattress we are sitting on with fox news blaring on the tv set.

I don't know about the rest of you out there, but that shit sure does sound boring as hell to me!!!!

McCain, Fox, Drudge, Town Hall (lead by right wing nut case fanatic Hugh Hewitt..bless his heart..) and the other right wing fundie wackos would have everyone believe that an Obama presidency or even a democratic majority in the nut house we call congress (with a McCain presidency) would lead to an all out marxist state, a cross between what the russians had before that shit blew up in their faces and an orwellian big brother-wake-me-when-its-over...but we already have the latter don't we?

For the citizens of a country to thrive, there has to be an environment for them to thrive in. Just as we have air to breathe and water to drink in our environment, there has to be an economic environment that enables and welcomes the participation of all citizens.

The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, that licensed the greed and insanity of credit default swaps is a good example of a disease introduced into a healthy environment.
This bill passed the US Senate with 100% of the senators voting for it. That's right sports fans...theres enough guilt to go around for both parties. Look it up .... on the last page, 262 there is pre-emption that makes sure that no one is prosecuted by state or local authorities for gambling or running a bucket shop. (Bucket shops were essentially betting parlors on stock prices during the last 1890s and early 1900s, they were outlawed in 1907 after a market crash) so the 2000 lame duck congress brings 'em back.

Its a fact that many democratic senators, Barney Frank comes first to mind, were paid a lot of money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Its also a fact that both Obama and McCain were making noise about theses institutions as early as 2004.

I have contacted my two US Senators and advised them that they are idiots. I also reminded them that they are elected by voters and this voter would never vote for either one of them again. I also have a bet with my husband that neither one has the nerve to contact me by email or phone or personal visit as well.

The people we elect are supposed to be leaders. Their mission is to represent the people. It is abundantly clear that the members of the US congress and senate DO NOT represent the citizens of the USA. They represent their own self interest and the interests of the lobbyists that stuff their pockets in return for votes.

As for me....I am voting for the new guy, it's time for the old guys and gals to go. Especially Nancy Pelosi, Dick Lugar, Kay Bailey Hutchison, John Cornyn, Barney Frank, Hillary Clinton and all the rest of 'em!

We must elect people to represent us that have as their mission the duty to represent all citizens, to make sure that the educational, economic and health care environments are healthy so that all can participate each according to his ability and that the elderly, disabled and impoverished will receive according to their needs.

No one is talking about passing out free money to anyone. The money police are not going to raid the homes of the wealthy, open the safes, or drive the owners to the banks to withdraw their money at gunpoint...but ... that's exactly the picture that is being painted by the republican party and the right wing fundie wacko media right now.

We must have an equitable economic environment that makes sure no one is hungry, homeless, without health care and without education. I don't see that with the current congressional, senatorial leadership or a mccain presidency either.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not An Angry Post

There is something that does not make me angry...learning HTML. I am totally enjoying this.

OK I know I know so I have the worlds' most boring blog with NO pictures, music and other webby shit but that will change.

I am using the book: (purchased a t Barnes & Noble)
Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML by Elisabeth Freeman and Eric Freeman

This book combines exercises, questions, examples and take you step by step. Highly recommended for those hands on visual learner types.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I Just Have To Say Something....


The McCain campaign goes super negative with 'personality issues' and 'palling around with terrorists issues'. Seems McCain still has not figured out that people are sick of NOT hearing about the issues.

Personally John McCain just irritates the shit out of me...like a scratchy wool blanket wrapped around your butt after getting out of a shower irritating the shit out of me...irritating the ... sorry, already said that ...

Yes John McCain spent Xyears in the Hanoi Hilton, but so did other people. I am personally sick of his whining about HIS suffering and HIS experiences and HIS blah and blah and more blah blah military blah and blah. Sorry JM, putting in your time as a POW does not mean you need to be president. As a matter of fact...the way you flip flop on shit makes a bitch wonder if there is not some serious lasting damage to your brain. A lot of good men suffered through their POW years, you were not alone. A lot of good men still suffer from those years. You cheapen history with your whining, self aggrandizing temperment. Regarding suffering..how is your first wife doing? Remember her....the one in who was in a wheelchair when you got home? The one who still thinks you are a good guy? Traded in for 12 houses and a bunch of cars and a lifelong supply of liquid refreshment.

At some point McCain needs to define what defines him, so far it's the past and not the future. We need a president that is looking forward, not continually reaching back to feed himself with his personal pain.

I can't mention the republican vp nominee without getting seriously sick...so I will not.


...and WTF did we expect with naked short selling, default credit swaps, 42 - 1 leveraging, homebuilders, mortgage companies, brokers and all the other players feeding off the carelessly tossed out to the masses deregulation? Deregulation assumes people know how to act....now we see that they do not. The right wing fundie wackos blame the Community Reinvestment Act. Hmmm let's see... blame legislation and not the people involved. If the CRA had been printed, mailed out and file 13'd, could we blame it then? PEOPLE are the problem not legislation. Again, people do not know how to act. It's amazing to me that do-wrong people who make money are touted as heroes by the 'establishment' and then when the bottom falls out and all the money is gone the 'establishment' turns on their 'heroes' and promptly serves them up as the next course to the american taxpayer who then has to pay all the bills as well.