Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Did I Hear This Right???

Did an AO Bitch hear this right on Fox & Friends this AM, that Pat Robertson is calling for the ASSASINATION of Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela?

First...who the ()(&*^K does Robertson think he is...GOD? That he can just speak this crazy shit and it gets done? Does Paddy really think that anyone with any sense is going to pay attention to him?

Does Paddy boy really think that Bush 43 is going to just call up whoever the hell does this off the books shit and order it done because PADDY has had another megalomaniac episode?

Paddy has sone serious delusional shit going on.

In December 2003 he said that the State Department should be blown up with a nuclear device and has stated that 'feminism encourages women to kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.'

Now the AO Bitch can clearly see that her three children are alive and well. The Bitch does not practice witchcraft, the Bitch has her own business, and the Bitch is MARRIED TO A MAN.

The Bitch is a feminist insofar as she is for equal treatment of men and women under law and in the workplace.

Paddy has a megalomaniac delusional pea brain that is incapable of any rational thought.What scares me is that his next mouth off will be regarding the church membership status of women or anyone else that does not abide by the filth that he spews. There you have it folks....Paddy right hand man to God.

Hey Stupid. God does not need your help.

An AO Bitch really worries, come on now, really worries that the general population will get the idea that Paddy the delusional-micro-brained-idiot-moron-megalomaniac actually speaks for the Christian community.

The possibility of that shit does not make the AO Bitch happy at all.

Monday, August 22, 2005

And the Verdict Today Is....

..that there is a whole lot of ignorance out there and AO Bitch sees it and asks 'What can one Bitch do?"

An AO Bitch can only tell it like it is and how she sees this funky shit so here goes....

Der Speigel reports that while the USA is 'urging Israel to agree to further concessions, Hamas and Islamic Jihad (you know those crazy bastards that blow themselves and YOU up) are calling for a push to EXPAND, yes Virginia, EXPAND the &(^*%&^ing HOLY WAR. Did not AO Bitch tell you people a few days ago that they would not be satisfied? Did not AO Bitch tell you there would be more problems? Hello...when are you going to listen to a Bitch? AO Bitch knows some shit sometimes......

and .....

The damn Sunnis need to get the proctologist in quick to get their heads out. The constitution is late and the government may be disbanded all because you morons do not have the sense to figure it out...you are not a majority....

Oh and lets just HOPE that the Iraqis do not ask John Roberts for any help on constitutional rights for women.

Thats all an AO Bitch would need to make her go off the deep end.

AO Bitch still cannot believe that the Senate is actually going to waste their time in confirmation hearings on John Roberts. Where's the damn filibuster when a bitch needs it?

Oh and by the way..the Bitch is a most of the time Republican. However the Bitch knows when some shit is not right....and this man is not right.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Excuse Me? Withdraw the Nomination..Please

..pardon the AO Bitch but she is a bit peeved today at some very disturbing news...

Concerning John Roberts nomination for US Supreme Court Justice and the fact that released papers reveal his...

"disparaged efforts to combat discrimination against women and has wondered 'whether encouraging homemakers to become lawyers contributes to the common good' ".

Hmmmmm. Lets ask Ted Koppel (remember him?) how it was for him as he VOLUNTARILY stayed home and took care of the children and was a house husband while wife Grace attended law school.

Maybe we should ask any woman who has sued for workplace discrimination if her lawyer was a working Mom with children who had mayebe faced the same shit at her law firm.

Well first off AO Bitch has always said Roberts reminded her of a Stepford husband. Second, AO Bitch herself has fought discrimination for position and salary in the male dominated aircraft maintenance industry. Third AO Bitch tells Bush "you need to seriously reconsider this man."

Why should Bush reconsider? Well how about the fact that Condoleeza Rice our Secretary of State is a woman? Should she be out trying to catch a man and have babies? This nomination is the most disrespectful thing Bush has done to women everywhere. AO Bitch does usually not like to put herself into a 'policy advising position', but will tell George that "You have seriously screwed the pooch, and that baby is howling."

PS: Roberts' wife is a lawyer. Hows that for having your whole foot and leg in your mouth?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

People Who Do Not Like The Bitch

Believe it...there are people out there that do not like the AO Bitch. Whats a bitch to do?

Should a bitch just lay down and shut up? Should a bitch stop living her life? Should a bitch stop being a $$$$ earning machine? Should a bitch STOP in her quest to have the biggest technology start up since Microsoft?? Should a bitch give up?

And then........

...the AO Bitch reads that Dennis Rader (puke...blecch..barf..) has received life in prison.

Life?????? Only because Kansas did not have a death penalty law on the books at the time.

The AO Bitch believes from the bottom of her AO Bitch heart that the Kansas Legislature needs to get off their asses and make a Dennis Rader Law, making the death peanalty RETRO - F---ING ACTIVE in Kansas. Yeah like THAT shit will ever happen.

AO Bitch certainly hopes that some of that jailhouse justice finds its way to Dennis Raders' cell. Let the games begin!!!! Up close and personal.

General Bitch Stuff

Well this AOB is seeing many things to bitch about today......

First we see my Jewish brothers and sisters being tossed out of the Gaza strip that Sharon encouraged them to settle 35 years ago. We also see how they are acting up and out because of this...a bitch hates this since we all know that the palestinians (not capped for personal resons mind you) are going to do nothing but keep the intifada going. Give them an inch...hell they want the whole country. Now this is my personal opinion....I realize Sharon is gong to do his thing so all a bitch can do is pray....and I am not going to be like.......

.....Cindy (My Man is Divorcing My Dead Ass Because I am so F&**ing Stupid) Sheehan has got to be the dumbest thing in a t-shirt this side if the planet Pluto. She has her ugly, yes ugly, you heard it here, face camped out in Crawford Texas and is happy that 'the universe' has chosen her to be ...oh forevermore...a bitch can't remember all the stupid shit she is saying...so all a bitch can do is pray that someone carries her ass off real quick. (PS This AO Bitch would not even be so stupid as to get that damn close to the SECRET SERVICE.....hello??????). A bitch can also pray that a tornado would carry off all the media and newspeople...to somehwhere other than Kansas. AOB knows that the people on Kansas do not want all of that crap there.

By the way Cindy...I am sure that the IRS now has your number in more ways than one.........

By the way..the MEN in AOB's family have proudly served and died for their country and MY FREEDOM as well as THE FREEDOM of other people around the world.

Also...AO Bitch has good news. Her brother (a proud veteran) who has lung cancer is having a part of his lung removed but the cancer has not spread to the lymph nodes. As we speak......AO Bitch is a happy AOBitch at that.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Gas Prices for the Bitches Expedition

Excuse me....this bitch is starting to see red since the (&&^ing price of gas at Krogers of all places it up 10 cents from this AM.

The liberal media tells the AO Bitch that we went to war in Iraq for the oil...if that's the case, then why is the Bitch paying 2.32 at the pump to fill up her Texas Estrogen Mo-Bile called a Ford Expedition?

I want my damn Iraq oil and Bush better get it to my gas pump NOW.

What is a Bitch????

What is a bitch?

Some men describe a bitch as a woman that will not fall on her face whenever they walk into a room.
So.....a bitch is someone who will stand up for herself.

Other men describe a bitch as someone who talks too much.
So.....a bitch has opinions.

Then some men describe a bitch as a woman who will not let herself be abused and mistreated.
So.....a bitch has respect for herself.

Some men actually describe a bitch as a woman who can think theologically for herself.
So.....a bitch has a mind created by God too and wonder of wonders...she actually figure out mind bogling concepts for herself. She can even choose what church she wants to attend!!!!!

Some men feel intimidated because a bitch has more money than they do.
So....a bitch knows how to earn it!!!


Being a bitch is good.
C..control (of)

I am.....Angry Old Bitch

So...watch out AOB is here!