Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Someone FINALLY looked...

Yes indeed another example of the so-damn-far-to-the-right-fundie-wacko-protestant-ignoramus bullshit that women have to put up with..... one day the rule is this....one day its that..

Mary Lambert aged 81 has been teaching Sunday school at First Baptist Church in Watertown, NY for 54 years. She has been dismissed because she is a woman and FBC WNY just now figured it out and has dismissed her using one bible verse as his MAIN excuse...of course his 'Christian charity' prohibits him from detailing publicly all of her OTHER shortcomings..... which means she disagreed with him and was maybe shall we say a tad bit sassy? After all shes 81, and probably outspoken.

After doing a bit of Googleing her AOB disciovered that Mary was teaching an adult class and had been for 11 years. After all this time you would have thought that SOMEONE would have opened their eyes and looked and seen that she was a woman. This bitch is confused.

Lets assume the FBC WNY had a bible...somewhere.....if it was sooooo unbiblical for her to be teaching ADULT MALES why did someone not figure this out sooner? Why did she even start to teach an adult class?????? Did someone just now find 1Timothy and read it??????? Seems so since laBoeuf the pastor got there 2 years ago, I 'll wager that Mary was a real thorn in his 'charitable christian side'. What amazes me is that the congregation obviously got more than it thought...one would have imagined that anyone being considered for a pastoral position would have been grilled (yes I mean grilled) about what his beliefs really were....its seems to me that his beliefs do not coincide with what the congregation THOUGHT they were getting. That's what frosts me...

Lets hear it for the 81 year old lady that got kicked to the curb by 'christian charity'.

This really makes my Orthodox Presbyterian bitch brain boil. While women do not teach adult SS in our church...at least we can figure out what one looks like and you can bet that anyone applying for a pastoral position will be grilled and all of us will know EXACTLY what he believes.

Friday, August 11, 2006

What's SO Unforgivable About Mel Gibson?

Being one of the more princess like of the Jewish Princess types.... (Old with scads of bling) I found Mels drunken rant somewhat amusing....after all he's SO cute..

However...when bad things happen...the tidbits come out...like the one Mel said of wife of many years, Robin.

Robin is an Anglican and Mel related in an interview that he had told her that she was going to hell. (Seems that what the Catholic Church teaches about those non catholics...shit that sounds like the churchachrist to my ass). How could any husband be so disgusting? RIGHT!!!! Catholic or churchachristers!!!!

AOB finds this unforgivable and will NOT spend time or money on Mel Gibson again. So now Mel and the catholic church are playing God? Not to this Orthodox Presbyterian.