Saturday, October 14, 2006

Are You Aware Yet?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month?

Oh Goody!!!! Time to remember and DO NOTHING ABOUT:

Sex trade trafficking...women and children kidnapped and forced into prostitution.

How about Thailands child sex trade that satisfies the needs of all those American and European men?

Lets remember all the women killed by their partners AFTER the judge issued the 'protecive order' that was nothing more than just a piece of paper....

Let's remember the police officers that tell us each day that "There's nothing we can do."
Translate that to: There's nothing we will do.

Lets remember the muslim women that have to hide themselves and are subject to being beaten for showing any skin at all.

Lets remember that women are STILL second class citizens when it comes to 'spousal rights'.

Lets remember the thousands of those who do not speak up becasue they do not know how.....

Lets remember the men who know HOW to beat and abuse..lets remember...and then forget.....

After all its just women and children. It's a mans world. Who cares about them?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Now That We Are Counting....

West Virginia State Senator, Democrat Randy White blames a former disgruntled employee for stealing photos from his computer. Some of the photos show him nude, while others show at least 2 men whose bodies were painted.

In another clear case of 'EVADING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY', Senator White cited 'a recent bout with depression' and a 'personal identification situation'.


We can all be thankful that Senator White and his painted pals are not parading around in day-glo orange polyester leisure suits.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Last week brought a plethora of scandalous and disturbing news:

School shootings...dead children...a dead principle...and now revelations that a Republican Congressman, Mark Foley is...well...let's call it like it is....a child predator.

The latest news reports that Dennis Hastert was informed of Foleys 'behaviorval tendencies' more than 2 years ago ...and did nothing. Kind of reminds me of the way the Catholic Church coddled the child molesting priests for God only knows how many years....and now it turns out that Mark Foley was abused by a priest and that he is an alcoholic too and has entered into rehab. Kind of reminds me of the way police officers 'cover up' for the corrupt ones. Kind of reminds me of the way people just look the other way when devilish shit is happening...hoping it will all go away and no one will find out....all the while posturing and primping or is that pimping the higher moral ground.

OH MY!!!!!!

I wonder if 'rehab' can fix Foleys child sexual predator within? Probably not. It's really amazing though how when people get caught its always the same lame - ass excuses:

1. I was abused by the local priest.
2. I am an alcoholic.
3. My mother/father was/is an alcoholic/drug addict.
4. I hate God.
5. God hates me.
6. The world is against me and I cannot get a break.

OH PLEASE, cut the crap. All you are doing Mark Foley is showing the rest of us that you , like all of the other perps and sociopath, psychopaths out there CANNOT AND WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS.......

But back to politics!!!! After all politics or poli-tricks as my son call it....

The one thing that makes me so disgusted about 'conservative republicans' is that high moral ground. Seems good to be standing on that high hill throwing rocks at everyone else until someone tosses one back at you....

People...we do not need a government that is elected because they have a high moral gound, or even a low moral ground. Check the internet...the Democrats have been involved in many only question is why they were not prosecuted. We have to have a level playing field....if its illegal for me to run a whorehouse and I am looking at jail time if I get busted..then Barney Frank needs to be doing some big house time too.

It looks like the full investigation is just getting started. If the outcome looks criminal..then it is and Foley should do some heavy jail time.

I am one of those damned objective people...don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Republican OR Democrat.