Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Church Bidness

The hyper-fundamentalist-patriarchal-keep-women-barefoot-naked-pregnant-and-homeschooling-the-birthed-hoards-slave-holding-wacko-theonony-too-far-to-the-right-to-find-with-a-biblical-roadmap-nutcases seem to be making inroads in evangelical christendom these days.

Put THAT together with rick warren and emergent church, dominionism and the generally racist bigoted message (credit to the league of the south) in the church pulpits what is then presented to the world certainly is not Christ as Savior & King but a picture of a whining, snivelling god who can't take care of himself let alone his people. A sniveling god that depends on the likes of the dominion theology octo-godhead of greg bahnsen, david chilton, gary demar, kenneth gentry jr., gary north, larry pratt, john quade, the 'late' rousas ruishdoony to give him credibility. (caps intentionally omitted)

G-r-r-r-r-r-r-r and more g-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r.

Smells like Texas Longhorn Bullshit to me! (henceforth known as TLBS)

God is who He is and needs no help from the above group.

On a lighter but more SERIOUS NOTE......

this B.I.T.C.H. is really sick of this submission whos' ass is on top today more TLBS......

....... furthermore.......

a bitch has no clue as to why love and respect for our mates and children has to be couched in and understood in the context of submission.

Why does someone always have to be on top?

Why does someone always have to be on the bottom?

With all the rolling around who even knows "who's on top?" After 4 or 5 good rolls before the coffee is finished brewing in the morning who even has the strength to care?

We have decided in our household that side by side is better. That way each of us uses the strengths and rescources that we each have to contribute to our life together. He does stuff (OMG the best cookies on the planet and great market returns....move over Cramer), I do stuff (Quick Books and financial organization, pay bills).

Don't ya think that life today is to busy to be worried about ignorant TLBS? The church teaches one brings other issues and then voila! Complete confusion...after all we gotta have those 'roles'.

Here is a perfect example of submission taken out of context:

My husband manages ALL of my market investments. Is a bitch submitting to him? Well no since he does this for a living and made my ass about 60% I would say that my ass was pretty smart for convincing him to do it for me. heh heh Washington Mutual acted all uppity when they told me that they could make my ass 8% after fees...more TLBS.

A bitch is sick of all this church sponsored submission TLBS. May a bitch suggest that the church teach: (not a direct quote).

Husbands AND wives love your spouses and children as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her.

All of the TLBS can stay in the field.