Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rage Against The Machine

For the past year I have just been trying to keep both my ass (read: household) and tech start up breathing. Just like everyone else out there as well. Even though things have been tight, I have always made all of my credit card payments on time and in full. Since I use these for groceries, gas and whatever to get my airline miles that I use to fly to see the daughter get married or meet with software team, it's important to me to treat these cards like cash and always stay on top of my budget. So, one may infer, that at the worst, I am a creditworthy customer who pays bills on time.

However, it seems that Citibank has decided that since I do pay off my card each month then I surely would not mind it if they raised my interest rate to 23.99%. Citibank fails to realize that the only reason that I have this card is for American Airlines AAdvantage miles. What to do? Canceling an account that I have had for 15 years will just ding my credit score, so I had to find an alternative. I did: American Express. Platinum, Plum and Blue. Amex figured out that if you give great service people will pay to carry your cards. So now I earn points for miles with AMEX platinum and blue and get 1.5% cash back if I pay my Plum card balance off within 10 days of the statement. Easy to do with Bill Pay.

So Citibank, when I pay off the 50.00 fast food balance every month, remember that it used to be 1500.00. You made more on merchant fees on 1500.00 than 50.00. Pretty good since you are a zombie bank anyway.

...while I am at it...

Has anyone noticed that Sarah Palin has the idea that she and Jesus are going to 'take back America?' My first question is 'Where did America go, and who has it?' Maybe Eric Prince of the XE (formerly known as Blackwater) will step in and help Sarah out when Jesus declines to attend the party.

Much ado about not a damn thing is being made about the end of the world December 21, 2012. One hopes that the right wing fundy wackos will go forth into their caves and just stay there. We all know when the world has come to an end: When there is NO MORE INTERNET. At that point, get out the grill, some steaks, make a salad and pour the wine.

Goldman Sachs says they are doing Gods' work. Satan is upset because he feels he should have all the credit and God himself has not weighed in since no bolts of lightning or massive flooding have hit 85 Broad Street in NYC.

Jim Cramer is still making Mad Money of course most of us are 'mad' since we don't have any disposable income (unless you count the grocery money) to invest these days.

GMAC is still a zombie bank even if they did change the name to Ally. WTF is with that???

As long as I can have a coffee I know life is still good. Life is pretty damn good right now. Finances are tighter than twistie ties on a bread wrapper but we are all healthy and the shih tzus are fine and fancy, grandkids and kids are doing well.

...and I sleep in on Sundays now.

...more coffee please???

Oh and Fuck the Machine.