Friday, August 11, 2006

What's SO Unforgivable About Mel Gibson?

Being one of the more princess like of the Jewish Princess types.... (Old with scads of bling) I found Mels drunken rant somewhat amusing....after all he's SO cute..

However...when bad things happen...the tidbits come the one Mel said of wife of many years, Robin.

Robin is an Anglican and Mel related in an interview that he had told her that she was going to hell. (Seems that what the Catholic Church teaches about those non catholics...shit that sounds like the churchachrist to my ass). How could any husband be so disgusting? RIGHT!!!! Catholic or churchachristers!!!!

AOB finds this unforgivable and will NOT spend time or money on Mel Gibson again. So now Mel and the catholic church are playing God? Not to this Orthodox Presbyterian.


yet another black guy said...

see, this is why he hates ya'll! hahaha, now i want to see 'The Passion.." and really lambast it.

It's Me, Maven... said...

Good to see you posting again, AOB!

I don't understand what could possiblly be loving or kind about Mel's declaration that Robin will rot in hell because she's not Catholic. Funny, I'm still steadfast with the 1970s-Kumbaya version of Jesus, loving, kind, tolerant, compassionate... I just don't see any of that in that declaration. We're instructed to pray for our enemies... not vocally condemning them. Condemnation is God-stuff, not human-stuff. How hypocritial and presumptuous of Melvyn Gibstein to think he corners the market on God-stuff.

Not one more dime of my hard earned cash will go towards any more of his movies, ditto for Tom Cruise.

CJ said...

Chiming in a year late and a dollar short here, but...
EVEN THE CATHOLICS DON'T BELIEVE THAT CRAP (ie, that all non-Catholics will go to Hell)!!!! least orthodox, faithful-to-the-Magisterium Catholics don't. But Mel is kind of "out there", theologically speaking, and his dad is a rabid SSPX'er.