Tuesday, February 21, 2006

US Security..Ports and Arab Ownership

What the fuck???

A bitch is more that confused...a bitch cannot see straight...

Lets see Bush & Co want to sell the ports...to a middle east managment company and Jimmy Carter AGREES with this shit?

OK so this bitch HATES everything Jimmy Carter since the 1980's OK? SO when that son of a bitch agrees with Bush this bitch knows that there is some funky assed shit going on here...and this bitch does not like it...at all....

What the fuck is the Bush administration doing here?

Bush does not need to be impeached...the ignoramus needs to be fucking committed to an asylum.....quick before he does any more damage and he can take that stupid fuck Chertoff with him too. A bitch never like the way Chertoff looked anyway...(looks like hes dead).

Here's the bottom line sports fans......

Each sovereign nation needs to have it's own standing army, police and port security. No nation on this planet should trust their borders to another country.