Friday, December 18, 2009

A Big Change

The truth has finally reared its' ugly head:

A bitch is too cool and too intelligent for Microsoft Based computer technology. Therefore a bitches' husband is by association 'too cool' for Microsoft based computer technology as well.

A bitch and her family are going the Apple route.

I get a MacBook Air plus accessories and hubby darling gets a new iMac OMG WTF how big is that damn screen desktop and assorted other gadgetry to trade his stocks on every day.

2010 is going to be a fun year.

Just DO IT Already...

A bitch has outdone herself this time.

Stopped a serious aircraft export because some silly assed men did not believe a bitch when she said to TEST that damn CVR & DFDR batteries. Worse than that, they read the scrap date and all the dumb asses canceled the card(s). Oh well ....when a bitch tells your ass that this shit is on the schedule, make like Nike and 'JUST DO IT!'

Of course no one bothered to ask a bitch this question, but the silly asses asked every other dumb question on the planet.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rage Against The Machine

For the past year I have just been trying to keep both my ass (read: household) and tech start up breathing. Just like everyone else out there as well. Even though things have been tight, I have always made all of my credit card payments on time and in full. Since I use these for groceries, gas and whatever to get my airline miles that I use to fly to see the daughter get married or meet with software team, it's important to me to treat these cards like cash and always stay on top of my budget. So, one may infer, that at the worst, I am a creditworthy customer who pays bills on time.

However, it seems that Citibank has decided that since I do pay off my card each month then I surely would not mind it if they raised my interest rate to 23.99%. Citibank fails to realize that the only reason that I have this card is for American Airlines AAdvantage miles. What to do? Canceling an account that I have had for 15 years will just ding my credit score, so I had to find an alternative. I did: American Express. Platinum, Plum and Blue. Amex figured out that if you give great service people will pay to carry your cards. So now I earn points for miles with AMEX platinum and blue and get 1.5% cash back if I pay my Plum card balance off within 10 days of the statement. Easy to do with Bill Pay.

So Citibank, when I pay off the 50.00 fast food balance every month, remember that it used to be 1500.00. You made more on merchant fees on 1500.00 than 50.00. Pretty good since you are a zombie bank anyway.

...while I am at it...

Has anyone noticed that Sarah Palin has the idea that she and Jesus are going to 'take back America?' My first question is 'Where did America go, and who has it?' Maybe Eric Prince of the XE (formerly known as Blackwater) will step in and help Sarah out when Jesus declines to attend the party.

Much ado about not a damn thing is being made about the end of the world December 21, 2012. One hopes that the right wing fundy wackos will go forth into their caves and just stay there. We all know when the world has come to an end: When there is NO MORE INTERNET. At that point, get out the grill, some steaks, make a salad and pour the wine.

Goldman Sachs says they are doing Gods' work. Satan is upset because he feels he should have all the credit and God himself has not weighed in since no bolts of lightning or massive flooding have hit 85 Broad Street in NYC.

Jim Cramer is still making Mad Money of course most of us are 'mad' since we don't have any disposable income (unless you count the grocery money) to invest these days.

GMAC is still a zombie bank even if they did change the name to Ally. WTF is with that???

As long as I can have a coffee I know life is still good. Life is pretty damn good right now. Finances are tighter than twistie ties on a bread wrapper but we are all healthy and the shih tzus are fine and fancy, grandkids and kids are doing well.

...and I sleep in on Sundays now.

...more coffee please???

Oh and Fuck the Machine.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Why I Quit Organized Religion

...don't get me wrong. My faith is's just left the psycho ward...and took me with it.

Free your mind...sooner or later your ass will follow. I can't remember who I need to ascribe that to but whoever you are 'thank you'. I started freeing my mind about a year ago, reading 'A New Earth' by Eckhart Tolle; then broke with the religious right and voted for Obama.

Now since then this bitch has been suffering through all manner of racist, bigoted garbage in her email box from a retired pastors wife, a current elders wife and other various and assorted sundry so called christian brethern. Scared white folks mad because a black man had the nerve to get elected President of the US of A.

Here is my problem. These people sit in church every Sunday, happy as all get out to call on the Lord and worship and confess their sins (except the emailing kind...) and then revert to some otherworld neuro-psychotic state of mind when it comes to our President. I finally figured out why these people are in church. They are there for the get-your-ass-out-of-jail-free-card. After all, we are taught that Jesus died for our sins...all of them. So people are certainly taking advantage of that by participating willfully in the small-church-group-psychosis-about-the-President, not realizing the damage they do to the very people they are supposed to care about.

There is nothing more evil and disgusting than a born again christian with an ego the size of Jupiter vomiting all over other people.

Free at last
Free at last
Thank God Almighty
I am free at last.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

What NOT to Do If You Are in a Position of Responsibility

This self employed and small business owner has had it.

Sick and tired of working for people who manage by riding the gravy train and then so something when things get 'interesting'. The problem is what they do: scream, jump up and down, blame everyone else, blah blah and more blah and blame and whining and victim hood.

"They haven't made their lease payments in six months!"

Wah and more wah. Do you think that maybe a proactive manager would have CALLED the lessee and DISCUSSED the situation with them? When they missed the FIRST PAYMENT????? Maybe they would have...but not this bunch! I have never seen a greater display of sloth in all my life.

As someone who believes in MANAGING their daily shit, this makes me crazy. Fortunately, people understand that when I represent my crazies, I am not crazy and we get things done.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bye Bye 2008 Hello 2009

Somehow this new year does not feel so new and so fresh.

As I was working out this AM (people that stay HOME on New Years' Eve can do that) FOX news channel was on the tv monitor and of course the big news is the attack on Gaza by Israel. After months of effectively blocking supply routes, (the reason for the Hamas rockets), Israel launched the attack that they started planning six months ago. Who knew? Israel has started a genocide against the Palenstinans and FOX news wants the evangelical right to 'stand with Israel' by emailing and calling in.

Hey let's all stand for G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E. Way to be a good christian these days in the good ole' US of A

I have a home in a safe neighborhhod. I have food and clothing and money. I am blessed that my son, shot in the head during a car jacking and left for dead in the spring is now fully recovered and starting college in one week. No one has declared war on me, and no one is trying to exterminate me.

Me and my life, the Palestinians and theirs. The inequality is staggering.

What I want for 2009 is:

A world where children go to sleep in their own beds with full stomachs.

A world where gender or nationality is not an excuse for attack.

A world that provides an equal opportunity financial system.

A world that provides food, education, medical care and housing for its' poor.

A world where religious fundamentalists don't run the governments of any country.

A world whose different cultures and societies respect and give equal rights to women.

A world where people of different religious backgrounds can live in peace as meighbors without having to worry that their mosques or churches or other places of worship will be burned to the ground by mobs incited by the local politicians.

A world where everyones' place is theirs and theirs alone.

Not the world that we have inherited as of January 1, 2009.