Sunday, December 30, 2012

Todays' Advertising Just Sucks

Bud Light has a new commercial. A guy has gone back to is old apartment and made himself totally at home because "The 49 ers won the Superbowl when he lived there and sat in that exact place". Really? Who in real life or their right mind would put up with some shit like that?  I would throw the guy off the roof or down the stairs or something if he would not go away when I told him to.

Advertising makes me sick ...... I hate it. A user cannot read an internet page withut some totally annoying black screen and a new ad popping up that covers the whole page.

Dear people who have shit to sell......If I want thte crap you have I will go and get it. I don't need you to make me want it.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Girls Who Died & Code

Boarding a bus with a male companion, she was then raped, assaulted and thrown out like garbage.
After trying to make police reports after a gang rape another young lady kills herself since she was told by law enforcement to marry her rapist.

This is why I refuse to hire any Indian males to write code for me. It will not happen.

Friday, December 28, 2012


A few years ago we retained the services of a small ad-agency now located in SC.

A bitch has totally bent over backwards to keep this person alive outside of the normal client-vendor relationship. Money for storage (after he emailed me that he needed to pawn the company laptop) to pay for his storage in Texas. Money for airfare so he could speak at a conference last fall in New Mexico. Money here and there, because well let's face it....he is overpriced and his grammar leaves a lot to be desired. He has no idea how to run a small lines of credit, no credit cards and sure as hell no back up plan.

But wait...that was not even the straw that broke the camels back.

As you know this bitch supported Obama in 2008. Based on what he said he would do I voted for him. However, with the country in the toilet and Obama phone lady screeching about "Vote for Obama and get a phone!!!" (The fuck...really lady?????) I decided to do something radical and vote Libertarian.

Ad-asshole in his unfathomable wisdom, decided that I was voting for Romney. But wait.....that is still not the reason I cut this deadbeat loose. This deadbeat MF posted that women get what they deserve based on how they vote as a comment on a news article about that loser Mourdock in Indiana making the Republican rape comment that pregnancies from rape are what God intended.

Women get what they deserve based on how they vote. What the double fuck. Statement not question.

I wonder how many women who voted Democrat have been raped?
I wonder how many women who voted Republican have been raped?

So to the ad-asshole the fuckwad I pose these questions:

1. Have you ever been raped?
2. Have you ever been beaten by your spouse?
3. Have you ever been thrown out of a moving car by said spouse?
4. Has your 13 year old daughter ever stood in front of you and told you she was raped at a church camp?
5. Have you ever watched your 13 year old daughter grow heavy and bear the baby that she had by her rapist?
6. Have you ever been told that your baby/fetus was dying but that you could not have an abortion because there was a fetal heartbeat.
7. Have you ever watched your wife DIE from pregnancy complications that could have been solved by an abortion to save her life?

NO??????? TO ALL????????

So get this are a piece of shit and you have no fucking right in this world or the next life to ever tell a woman that she gets what she deserved based on how she votes.

I sincerely hope you go straight to hell and that every other female you deal with whether client or not learns what a horrible horrible thing you really are....that's right THING because you gave up your humanity when you said those evil words...a woman "DESERVES....."

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Jerry Yang Quits - More Proof Their Is A Deity

CNBC is grinding it into the ground...everyone and their dog (or parrot) is talking about Jerry Yang leaving Yahoo and Alibaba.

Being the entrepreneurial sort myself... (founder of the most innovative company on the planet). I knew that one day I would have to step down form the CEO role and it was a wonderful day in TelAviv at IAI in the aircraft rep area that I met new CEO. (heavenly angel music please)

I am not CEO material. I can invent and design stuff, make your aircraft records and maintenance wonderful and even get you to drink the kool-aid and give us some money....however....there comes a time when the geek cannot and must not wear the mommie hat anymore.

Jerry Yang was an egomaniac daddy outdated. Proof of this is the fact that he turned down a 45 BILLION dollar offer from Mr. Softie. A total WTF if there every was one.

As usual, the market called it...stock was up.

However, we need to analyze Yahoo and set it in its' proper place amongst the stars.

It's Been A Long Time

...and  have really tried not to be angry or to be a b.i.t.c.h.

But now that I have this iPAD and I have refigured my google shit well here I am again.

I really am sick and tired of all the political posturing in DC by the 536 narcissistic idiots that collectively cannot manage an IQ of -5.

536 you ask?

1 President
100 Senators
435 Congress-people

total = 536

Not to mention Tim Geithner, the academic who forgot his arithmetic.

My ex-friend "D" called me racist since I did not vote for Obama. I voted Libertarian after he swore on a stack of bibles I was voting for Romney.

Here's wising the aliens would come get them...the mean ones that experiment...maybe they could find the intelligence that they swear is there but somehow does not sem to come out.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I found it.... I figured it out

OK so I have been gone a long time. But here I am back with my id and password. Proof that their is a deity.

More OLD bitchiness to follow. :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

On Being Self Employed

While at the hair salon (a 4 week interval event) this bitch just happened to see a copy of Bloombergs' Business Week. The cover story was titled 'The Permanent Temporary Workforce'. On the cover is a picture of a female executive with a shoulder bag over one shoulder, a skewed corporate badge around her neck and a potted plant in her right hand. The picture is completed by little 'blurbs' about being self employed complete with linear pointers to each of the items in the shoulder bag as well as various body parts of this female.

I would like to respond to this offensiveness by addressing each 'blurb' and the body part or accessory associated with it. Mind you this is MY response and is not intended to speak for anyone else except me.

#1 blurb points to the females head and says 'higher rates of depression and anxiety'.

Depression? Anxiety? Hardly. As a self employed person I do not have to deal with the workplace bully or the executive that jumps up and down on a table in a client meeting. (Really happened.) I don't have to worry about some bosses nephew standing at my desk trying to have me his assignments to do and then getting PO'd and running to the boss and I end up in trouble because of his lazy ass.

#2 blurb points to a bottle of red vicks cough something in the shoulder bag and says 'pays for own health insurance'.

Health insurance? Is that what they called that rat ass plan that my husband put me on when we were married? The rat ass plan that had us going to this dentist whose office looked like a roach motel? The health insurance plan that had a 5.00 an hour customer service person tell me 'Well, you had better get this straight with your doctor, we are no longer paying for the brand name of this hormone. You are going to have to make do with the generic'. Health insurance? That rat ass plan that raises premiums every six months by zip code even if I have had no claims?


Speaking of doctors how about the OPTHAMOLOGIST that tried to kill me by giving me timolol when I was being treated for the glaucoma that SHE SAID I HAD, that subsequent evaluations by a real doctor that actually ran tests to measure my cornea show that I did not have? This same WOMAN doctor in Irving Texas also got angry with me for building up resistance to medications for the disease that I did not have and charged me when my husband too me back after using the timolol and was in occular migraine.

How about the GP that was SO CONCERNED about me getting a mammogram that she refused to write me a prescription for my hormones until I got the mammogram and then neglected to give me a prescription for the hormones when she sent me the letter informing me that the girls were just fine. That Miss Thang is in Flower Mound Texas.

I have no health insurance. I don't want health insurance. Since I have not had health insurance I take better care of myself and monitor my health with yearly blood work from We have a medical investment account managed by my husband and I am able to get discounts for paying by credit card and some AA miles as well. Screw health insurance.

#3 blurb Zero sick days. How many people use their sick days for play days? Enough said. If my ass is that sick I will take my laptop to bed with me. As a matter of fact, since I am agile and mobile, I can take all my work on an external hard drive and work from anyplace I please.

#4 No Paid Vacation. See #3. I can work anyplace anywhere I want to be, that means on vacation as well.

#5 blurb 26% of US workers. Looks like more people are getting smart, to me that is.

#6 blurb No company funded retirement plan. OH!!! You mean that I don't have that crap stock that you want me to buy while you sell every share you have???? Happiness and joy that I do not have to participate in the company retirement plan that pushes under performing mutual funds and charges more in fees than interest earned if you go to cash. I get the Scottrade accounts and hubby who sits at the computer all day and trades and manages my money.

#7 blurb Easy to lay off, no severance. Oh's easy for me to kick your non-paying pain in the ass client self to the curb.

#8 blurb No fixed occupancy costs (this one points to the plant). Excuse me, what part of 'I don't want to be chained to the crappy steel desk in the cramped cubicle do you not understand'? As a gunslinger I travel the world on everyone elses' money and take my office with me. Why would I want to 'clock in and out', get 30 minutes for lunch and have someone have an apoplexy fit if I posted on FaceBook or Twitter?

Bottom line. Bloomberg.....get a life. Not everyone in this employment situation is whining and crying.

Signed, Happy in Texas

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Big Change

The truth has finally reared its' ugly head:

A bitch is too cool and too intelligent for Microsoft Based computer technology. Therefore a bitches' husband is by association 'too cool' for Microsoft based computer technology as well.

A bitch and her family are going the Apple route.

I get a MacBook Air plus accessories and hubby darling gets a new iMac OMG WTF how big is that damn screen desktop and assorted other gadgetry to trade his stocks on every day.

2010 is going to be a fun year.

Just DO IT Already...

A bitch has outdone herself this time.

Stopped a serious aircraft export because some silly assed men did not believe a bitch when she said to TEST that damn CVR & DFDR batteries. Worse than that, they read the scrap date and all the dumb asses canceled the card(s). Oh well ....when a bitch tells your ass that this shit is on the schedule, make like Nike and 'JUST DO IT!'

Of course no one bothered to ask a bitch this question, but the silly asses asked every other dumb question on the planet.