Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Embarrassed by What People Say

Considering Barack Obamas speech today regarding his pastor at Trintiy UCoC I have to admit that I am totally embarrassed.

Face it, Jeramiah Wright is a bigoted fruitcake. But thats OK because this is America, land of the First Amendment. Wright has as much right as anyone else to spew racial hatred as the white supremacist agrarian racist fruitcakes on the many southern born and bred websites. We may not like it and we may decry it but hey....like it or not...the guy has a right to speak his mind. (If you can call it that.)

My problem is twofold.

If Trinity is a church and churches are about preaching the gospel, then Trinity needs to have their tax free status revoked by the IRS as the message has changed from the gospel to politics and race issues.

The second problem stems from the fact that Wright seems to have lost what the gospel is really all about. If he were to preach the gospel..really preach the gospel would there be a need for racist fruitcake ranting from the pulpit? Does this man even know WHAT the gospel is? Does he even know who Jesus is? What kind of pastor...who supposedly has a call from God to preach uses Gods' name in vain in a sermon? What kind of pastor called by God to preach preaches hatred in Gods name?

I can appreciate Barack Obama addressing the racial issues, however I would like to hear him address how he can stand by a man who professes Christ yet shows everything that is the antithesis of Christ by his words.

That alone would be enough to sever this relationship...regardless of whether or not the pastor married him, baptized his children and was his spiritual mentor. If Barack Obama is a professing christian he needs to stand up and say that Wright is conpletely wrong and has left his first love. Which is what Christ is supposed to be to any professing Christian. (Now I know that all of you right wing religious Pat Robertson/Jerry Fallwell/Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity crazy assess out there will say that the first love is the repukelican party and taking dominion over society...but we really all do know how its' really supposed to be don't we?)

If Wright is the kind of spiritual mentor who is the antithesis of all things Christ why does Obama continue to cling to him? Who is the goat in this picture?

This bitch has to walk away from a church that she had been a member of for 15 years because the pastor left his first love....hard to do...but necessary to preserve the relationship with ...the first love.

Obama...rethink this...please. I am totally embarrassed for you and your church.

Wright....don't fight it if the IRS sends you a letter revoking Trinitys' tax free status...you brought in on yourself and the churches' members.


Anonymous said...

How dare you presume to tell Barack how and where to worship? It is not your place. There are a lot of bigoted fruitcakes who profess Christ so perhaps in your slagging off of Mr Wright, you should include some of the others. Churches by and large preach or practice hatred. Why are you so surprised? You think churches shouldn't talk about race or politics? Come back to Earth, please. You don't like what Mr Wright said, so you need to address that. Barack has.

AOB said...

Race and politics have no business with the Gospel of Chirst.

I did not address Rev Wrights comments becasue I feel that he has a first amendment right tp speak as a bigot.

However, bigotry has no place in the church.

HOW DARE YOU presume that race and politcs are gospekl related?

BTW ANY church that preaches race and politics should lose their tax exempt status.

BarbinAtl said...

This is an old story, but I just found your website, thanks to ABB.

I hope you are not basing your assessment of Jeremiah Wright just on the news clips. Trinity church has a prison ministry, to help the newly released re-integrate into society, they have a HIV/AIDS ministry, they have a Gay Singles ministry...

Trinity Church apparently does a number of good things for the community.

Regarding Rev. Wrights particular message, I don't see the issue. Yeah, some folks are offended, and no one should die because a plane crashes into a building... But a real, honest assessment of U.S. foreign policy would cause some to wonder why it's taken this long for blowback. U.S. social policies foster class warfare and those on the bottom (regardless of hue) to fight each other for the crumbs left by the 1% with all the money and all the connections. Do ya think that folks aren't going to be angered by that?

And sometimes, politics and spirituality go hand and hand. For some, that is the lone source of trusted information - cuz face it, you're not going to get the real story on CNN.

AOB said...

Thanks barbinatal for the thoughtful comment.

Whether or not Wrights comments are offensive is really not the issue that I see. I am looking at this from a 'great commission standpoint'. Preach the gospel and baptize.

Trinity church does a lot of good works in the community as far as I can see. But as a white mother with children of color, I do not see us as a family being welcome in that group..and thats fine. But it's NOT the gospel.

Those who hold themselves up as christian pastors have a first duty to Christs' gospel. NOT to politics or hate speech.

If a church wants to preach politics and hate. Fine. Koock yourself out. This is America and Trinity members have a right to hear whatever hate speech put forth from the pulpit.

I listened to a CD purchased from Trinity. Pretty sad commentary on the gospel.

My main point is: Churches that preach politics and hatred should lose their tax emempt status. There are thousands of churches in this camp...most of them are white and in the south. Of course we NEVER hear about those, do we? We should though. It makes one want to throw up to see a Confederate Flag beside the pulpit.

Politics and spirituality can go hand in hand. The point is...where does one draw the line?

In a church it can't be both. I say this because if a political candidate decided to attend our church for services at the last minute and asked to speak. He would be denied.

AOB said...

Let me also clarify too my objections regarding people that present themselves as Christians but do not represent their first love which is Christ. Anyone attending a church that preaches any kind of hatred, that is racially or doctrinally 'elitist' (think cult here) is not 'getting the point of faith in Christ'.

Pastors have an addtional duty, they are called to preach and teach Christs message. I certainly believe that they will be held more accountable when they stand in front of their Maker one day.