Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Politics of Race

The democrats have never really gotten it.

When Lyndon Johnson was forced to force Congress to pass civil rights legislation it was REPUBLICAN Senator Everett Dirksen from Illinios who kept prevented a filibuster by the southern democrats who were opposed to the legislation.

Hmmm...the civil rights movement started in the south....George Wallace, then governor of Alabama swore that integration of the schools would never happen.

The senator (Hillary Clinton ) was quoted as saying King's dream of racial equality was realized only when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

I guess I must be stupid. You see I REMEMBER the newspaper articles about Rosa Parks being arrested in Montgomery. I REMEMBER the civil rights workers both black and white that were killed. WOW a couple of people actually were convicted of those crimes over 30 years later. I remember how at our high school one of my friends was arrested for wearing a black power shirt. I REMEMBER how all the the students at that high school both black and white walked out in protest. I REMEMBER when having black friends got a white person called a n*&&^% lover.

I REMEMBER. Which is more than Hillary can say.

What if LBJ had not been forced to push this legislation?

Would there still be lynchings?

Would civil rights workers still be killed and their bodies buried in unmarked graves?

Would protesters still be subject to water canons or bullets such as met the war protesters at Kent State?

Would there still be segregated water fountains and restrooms?

LBJ did not do shit. His ass was forced to do something because this country was torn apart. All he did was give people the mistaken message that the Democratic party really cared.

Hope everyone now knows the truth.


Admiral Komack said...

I will give LBJ props because of the civil rights legislation passed on his watch (and passed on the watch of a "Southerner" no less [Texas]).

But you are right; this country was being torn apart.

Martin Luther King fought for the dream of racial equality and in my opinion he was killed because of it.

Hillary and her surrogates had better stop playing the race card, (Obama is a drug dealer; it says so in his book; Obama went to a Madrassah: shuck & jive...oops, I meant bob & weave)else she will find out a whole of people will either stay home or write in someone else's name on Election Day 2008 (assuming she gets the Democratic nomination).

mary said...

Well, I was hurt by that comment...and wrote an article on the subject, despite Obama asking his supporters not to speak negatively about Hillary due to it. I do support Obama, but I have a hard time following "orders" from anyone.

Hillary was a Goldwater girl or campaigned for him against LBJ. Goldwater was one of the 5 Republicans that voted no to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. He did however vote yes to the other two, one being in 1957. Seems it took a lot of presidents to not get the job done.

She not only disrespected the memory of Dr. King, but as you stated all those who courageously demanded action from the government. Does Hillary realize that many survivors of lynched children (their siblings and family/friends) are the citizens she wants to rule?

Frogspond said...

I love how Hillary (et. al.) think that racial equality has actually happened here in 'merica.

The same country where 44 years is the average lifespan for a Lakota man.

The same country where people lock their car doors when a proud black man walks by and where even though the highest percentage of crime is actually committed by middle class white teenagers most of the prisoners incarcerated are black men.

The same country where we have armed renegades patrolling our borders to prevent “illegal immigration”, where the irony of their own anscestor’s illegal immigration does not occur to them, and these people are celebrated as “True Patriots.”

Where profiling is expected and it has to be explained why it should not be.

The very same country where any faith other than White, Concervative, Christianity is frowned upon, when not actively pursecuted.

One day we will ALL be free. Not just the privileged few.

Anonymous said...

Some Simple Math:

Hillary Clinton + Rush Endorsement + Corrupt Deal = Texas Primary Victory