Monday, March 17, 2008

Dead Bear in the Middle of the Road

Was a bitch right or what on this shit??? The Bear got eaten alive by JP Morgan Chase with funds from Uncle Ben and the blessings of Bush and Paulson. Two bucks a share!!!

I bet this was the first time Bush was really aware that some serious shit was wrong with the economy. What is really funny/weird is that no matter what is going the time the presidential election rolls around shit is always about the's like there are presidential-election-economy-gnomes that stir it all up and then run away and hide.

Problem is no one knows how to listen to Fed bullshit now that Greenspan isn't there speaking in "FedSpeak". The Fed did just fine if no one knew what the fuck it meant.

Yeah....we can always put all the christian right divisive issues on the back burner..because it really IS about the economy...stupid.

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