Thursday, December 04, 2008

Getting Shit Done

There is a lot of shit to get done these days.

President Elect Obama needs to get the economy fixed. (We all know he had no idea that the shit would be this bad when he started campaigning 2 years ago).

US Foreign Policy needs to get fixed and give the Palestinians a fighting chance at some kind of a country where they can live, work, raise their families and prosper. Can we have a foreign policy that does not mean we invade sovereign nations because they looked at us wrong or are not doing what we think they should do.

Someone needs to put some shrink wrap and duct tape on Israel.

Can we just let GM and Chrysler go away? Ditto the shrink wrap and duct tape for Hank Paulson, is that putting the fox in charge of the henhouse or what?

Can we get shit done like they do in Dubai? Five years ago they started the palm island project now it's a reality. 30 months ago we started our plat plan with the city to get our three acres plated for 8 homes.....still no plat approval. While this bitch is not a fan of foreign ownership of armies, ports, toll roads etc., this bitch sure thinks we need some serious Dubai lessons in getting shit done.

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