Monday, May 12, 2008

Screwed Again - The Average-Just-Trying-To-Pay-Bills-And-Eat-American-Consumer

Yesterday Being Mothers Day, a friend asked what my husband was getting for me. My snarky reply:

"A tank of gas."

Can I get an AMEN here?

Oil at over 125.00 a barrel, housing prices in the toilet, foreclosures at a record rate and Exxon Mobil rakes in over 11 BILLION a QUARTER in profit.

I wonder if Exxon is going to invest in alternative energy sources or look for more oil?

I am not one of those the-government-needs-to-fix-this-shit-people, but damn. I look around at how the restaurants are DESERTED at lunchtime and wonder...WTF???? Shit this bitch stopped going to lunch as well. I don't care if the special is 4.99, my ass can't afford the extra gas, the tip and the price of the meal, since that's what lunch REALLY COSTS.

Back to brownbagging again. That's OK too, because I will survive what ever the fuck these bastards dish out.

My questions is:

Is it really possible that the American Government AND the Corporation are out to destroy the US citizens and the US economy as well? Sure seems like it...I sure feel like I am under attack.

( I mean really Ben Bernanke????????????????)

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Frogspond said...

I wouldn't say that Gov and Corp are out to destroy us citizens. More like they don't give a flying fuck for anything but the money they can get from us.

Ironically, when all of this falls cause the oil ran out, their money ain't gonna be worth shit.