Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More From The Church - How Much More Do we Really Need?

Can we really as a society take any more lunacy from the religious right?
NOTE Here: SOUTHERN WHITE protestant right wing fundamental group.

Take for example the Jonesville (SC) Church of God (see description above on note) which has posted this message on their marquee in front of the church building:

"Obama, Osama, humm, are they brothers?"

WTF is that crazy shit?

When interviewed by the local TV station, the pastors' (????) excuse (my word) was that they were just trying to make people THINK. When presented to the lcoal group (of 30) they unamiously decided to keep the message there.


Think about how many of those stupid untrue Obama is a muslim emails that have been circulating for months? Mostly from your friends AT CHURCH.

Think about how many of those other stupid unture Obama does not salute the flag emails that have circulated for months? Mostly from your friends AT CHURCH.

Think about how Obama could not possibly be anything else than crazy fuck BinLadens brother?

How about this?

If you were a member of any church group and were in Jonesville SC on business and decided to attend services WOULD YOU GO THERE IF YOU SAW THAT PUBLIC DISPLAY OF IGNORANCE AND LIES?

I would not.

I would not worship with people that advertise ignorance and lies ... there for the whole world to see. I would not worship with people who advertise that the gospel is NOT preached in that building.

These fools need to have their tax free status revoked as well.

This bitch has been known to walk out of church when the gospel is not being preached.

Can I get an AMEN?

UPDATE: 4-23-2008
The sign has some down, but the 'pastor' is unresponsive to requests to explain 'why'. Embarrassed ?


Zawadi Equiano said...

lol, thanks for that Post. You said it perfect lol

Really nice blog you have here also.

Frogspond said...


You know, I heard the phrase "stupid is as stupid does" in a movie a long time ago. I didn't really get it till I read this post. Perhaps it is the new med for the ADHD (shoulda been on it 19 years ago but I am stubborn) and things are making more sense.

Could be, I just needed to see stupidity shown in all its splended glory.

Thank you for this post.