Monday, January 07, 2008


Mike Huckabees' feeble attempts to actually fit in and be a viable candidate concerned with the issues finally died in a church in New Hampshire where he spoke of christians being in 'Gods' army'. Excuse me, I did not know that God was recruiting 'soldiers'.

I keep reading : Preach the gospel and baptize. Doesn't sound like 'Uncle Sam Wants YOU'.

Does it?


mary said...

Actually I saw a video of Christian rallies and "soldiers" is the right word. They were all dressed in combat gear.

I vaguely recall an old song "Onward Christian Soldiers" but today's "War on Christianity" has it backwards. It is the Christian war on freedom to worship. Strikes me as being anti-Christ who preached love thy neighbor and letting god be the judge.

Anonymous said...

Let's put it this way:

I did not vote for Huckabee because I preferred to sing the Prokeimenon in the Sixth Tone to Onward Christian Soldiers.

The Huckster is an Evangelical One Point Calvinist. As an Apostilic Zero Point Calvinist, if I'm going to vote for someone based upon my faith, I'm going to need more agreement or more degrees of freedom of worship that what Huckabee offers, even if I am more Conservative than he is.

I think that McCain is a better Singer than Babs Streisand or Hillary Clinton, but he's also going to have to do more to earn my vote.