Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Catching Up...

A bitch was at her high school reunion, #35 for all you blogging home gamers out there and a bitch still looks good!! So good that hottie son aged 30 was a hottie old bitchs' date!

Now lets see...that other MoFo Ho Katrina. She sure tore things up in more ways than one. People dying, people looting, children being raped and assaulted in shelters. And its all Bushs' fault?

Excuse me?

It seems to this bitch that the governor of Louisiana should have declared martial law on Monday like the governor of Mississippi did.Or did this bitch miss something?

Now did Bush call up this Ho Katrina? If he did...he's a good one, well nigh next to God I would say. Bull shit. Bush did no more call up all this shit than I did. People..please realize that the weather hit N'awlins, not Bush 43.

Also, if you remember correctly Monday night...Bourbon Street was DRY. Nothing really got bad until THE LEVEE BROKE. Now was that Scooters' fault too????

People Corps of Engineers projects are thought of in terms of DECADES not months or weeks...so lets go back to JFK & Johnson in the 60's, Nixon & Ford in the 70's, Carter...Reagan...Bush 41, Clinton..how many of those administrations CUT the corps budget? Maybe some historical research is in order home gamers.

Maybe Bush 43 was not as quick to intervene s anyone thought he should have been, too bad the governor of LA sat on her hands and did not a damn thing from her dry spot in Baton Rouge.

People that are pointing the finger need to understand HURRICANE and to also realize that the city of New Orleans also had responsibility to make sure the infrastrcuture was there and that evacuation plans were in place.Does the Federal government have to do EVERYTHING????

When will state and local governments STOP looking to Big Brother for everything while screaming about their states rights? You want states rights? Get off your corrupt asses and start governing like you do. Of course in the case of Louisiana mostly all of the officials are in jail or waiting to get caught.

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