Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Did I Hear This Right???

Did an AO Bitch hear this right on Fox & Friends this AM, that Pat Robertson is calling for the ASSASINATION of Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela?

First...who the ()(&*^K does Robertson think he is...GOD? That he can just speak this crazy shit and it gets done? Does Paddy really think that anyone with any sense is going to pay attention to him?

Does Paddy boy really think that Bush 43 is going to just call up whoever the hell does this off the books shit and order it done because PADDY has had another megalomaniac episode?

Paddy has sone serious delusional shit going on.

In December 2003 he said that the State Department should be blown up with a nuclear device and has stated that 'feminism encourages women to kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.'

Now the AO Bitch can clearly see that her three children are alive and well. The Bitch does not practice witchcraft, the Bitch has her own business, and the Bitch is MARRIED TO A MAN.

The Bitch is a feminist insofar as she is for equal treatment of men and women under law and in the workplace.

Paddy has a megalomaniac delusional pea brain that is incapable of any rational thought.What scares me is that his next mouth off will be regarding the church membership status of women or anyone else that does not abide by the filth that he spews. There you have it folks....Paddy right hand man to God.

Hey Stupid. God does not need your help.

An AO Bitch really worries, come on now, really worries that the general population will get the idea that Paddy the delusional-micro-brained-idiot-moron-megalomaniac actually speaks for the Christian community.

The possibility of that shit does not make the AO Bitch happy at all.

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