Friday, September 30, 2005

Republican Party Pigs

Oh a bitch is soooooo angry today. She found out that Congressman Mike Pence had the NERVE to suggest that the Federal Government curtail spending by eliminating PORK from the federal budget. Damn.....

A bitch also found out that Dennis Hastert, erstwhile Speaker of the House, Tom (My ass is going to be Bubbas baby) DeLay (no pun intended even if it is his name), Bill Thomas, Ways & Means Committee and Dan Young, Transportation Chairman took out Mr. Pence to the proverbial woodshed and tanned his hide plumb smooth red!!!

Let me see, a bitch voted Republican because she was promised a more responsible federal government. Now a bitch...along with countless other millions of other bitches and who else is being asked to foot the bill.

Let me does FUCK YOU sound? How does see what my ass does in 2006 sound?

This bitch gets up each and every damn day, sick or not, rain or sine and gets her ass to work to earn her living. A bitch also is self employed, owning several businesses. A bitch also pays TAXES on what a bitch EARNS. Remember that assholes when the Republican party calls my ass and asks for a donation and a bitch tells you to fuck off.

I am thinking that pork money for stupid projects could be better put to use for some pork projects like some services for my autistic grandson who is still at home. He was due this year but has been postponed till 2008.

A bitch would like to know what the bank would say to her if she notified them that AOB is going to run her finances like the FUCKING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and ask the bank to just ignore the shit. I wonder how long it would take to get my ass thrown in jail for fucking fraud?????

Well this federal government needs to take a long look at itself. This is the most fucking fraudulent shit I have ever seen!


SonnyM said...
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Guidant-Recall said...
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Shark-fu said...

Well said, AOB!

BTW, thank you for your comment on my post.

My brother didn't get the potty training thing until he was 11 or 12...but he did finally get it down!

Keep trying and keep on loving that grandchild!