Wednesday, September 21, 2005

And If Your Ass Was Not Wet Enough

Shit....damn and well just plain fuck.

Here we go again home gamers...another wet assed bitch Rita..(little sister to that ho Katrina) is determined to show her big sister that she can put as much or more of a hurt on anything in her path...seeing that the weather here in Texas has been very warm this past week little sis has plenty of fuel to add to her red fiery ass making the shit she has whipped up more to maybe a Cat 5 . Damn shit and fuck damn.

Texas coastal areas started evacuation warnings on Monday and the buses start to roll today even though Miss Thang is not expected to make landfall until the weekend.

What the fuck is this shit???? Planning? By the local government? Seems to AOB that the Mayor of N'Awlins and the Guv'nr of Lu'siana need to be a 'payin some most precious SPECIAL FUCKING ATTENTION to how shit is really done..OK???

Rita is expected to even affect DFW area with winds as high as 70mph. AOB knows its time for a good book, The Good Book, and a vodka martini while lounging in her antique mansion bed with spoiled rotten dog and special other.

This bitch knows when to get the fuck out of the way of another bigger bitch.


Shark-fu said...

Hey AOB! A bitch used to live in ass misses real salsa and 'rita's!

Toodles from one bitch to another!

AOB said...

Shark Fu....AOB loves it when bitches meet.

AOB said...
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