Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Bitch Is Up Early

Gather round home gamers....a bitch is up early and has a few things to add to the bitch list:

AOB had a PO Box at a business called Parcel Plus. Now this was very convenient for the bitch as she has four businesses. These are: Aircraft Technical Consulting (Heavy Aircraft..not that small bug smasher shit), Health & Wellness (yes your ass is probably sick and run down and you need the shit too), the AOB's design business and the new business (dare a bitch speak it?).

AOB noticed about six weeks ago that said owner had a lot of stockc marked 1/2 off. AOB asked if the business was closing. 'No' was the answer...note that AOB asked this question every week for a month. Last Saturday AOB picks up her mail and finds a letter advising her to get a new PO BOX ASAP as the business has been sold and "the new owners may not have time to start operations quickly enough to prevent a disruption in your business needs."

To add insult to injury, the (words escape me here people) owners had the nerve to sign 'Warm Regards'.


So that fucking day..I had to find a new box. Make a list of all the mail that comes to that box inlcuding credit card and cell phone bills, order new checks and new business cards.

SO SYLVIA.....You cost me 500.00. Which would have not been avoidable but if you had been up front and ass would not have been rushing around like a some tasmanian fucking devil trying to get my shit straight so I did not have a disruption in my business needs.

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