Friday, September 16, 2005

This Thing Going Around....

In a hat tip to NuggetMaven and Angry Black Bitch, another bitch would like to add some more shit to the list of shit to hate.

#DAMN 1 AOB hates people that whine about how poor and shitful their life is while they are sitting on their asses doing not a damn thing. These people have no job, claim to be be sick with all sorts of other shit and collect my damn tax dollars every month while crying about all their stupid problems. Get your asses up out of the damn dirt, take a bath and get a job!

#2 YES I HAVE A BIG MO FO SUV. We are a one car family and need a vehicle that performs multiple functions. This includes hauling parts and other shit for aircraft....old and the dog. When my ass calls your ass and asks for gas money, money to maintain the car and money for insurance then your ass can complain. Until then go ride a damn tricycle, worry about yourself and quit worrying about what I am doing.

#3 Illegals driving cars. These bastards drive SO DAMN SLOW in the FAST LANE because they are scared of being stopped by the po-lice. They better be scared of this AOB and a case of road rage.

#4 People that think they know what I am thinking. And you have these what? amazing ESP powers?

#5 Please do not give me your life story about being gay. I could care less and it means nothing to me. Yes you have the right to a job, a home, some clothes on your ass, a car and all the other shit society has to offer. Get a life..I have mine. I liked you and knew you were gay before you opened your mouth....

#6 People that post nasty shit on other peoples blogs. Their blog is their internet home you fuck tards....get some damn manners. If you do not agree...go on by..

#7 Men that cheat on their wives and have babies with their whores. Now that says it all HUH?

#8 Cheap people that conveniently show up at lunch and then have no happens only one time with the AOB...after that your ass washes dishes.

#9 Mothers that let their 6 year old children dress like the whores in #7.

#10 Other people that tell the AOB that they permit them to 'work out their salvation". EXCUSE ME, did a AOB miss something here?

#11 People that pretend to be a AOB's friend when it is convenient or they need something then as soon as their shit is cool they turn on the bitch like a rabid dog.

#12 AOB really hates those stupid emails that end with "if you love Jesus you will forward this to 100 people in 3 minutes, if you do not forward this then you have just denied your Lord." Let me see.. how about if sending you the latest computer virus or worm shows my love for YOU.

#13 fundy baptists and 'anti' church of christers. Please take some serious time to study some systematic theology..ok?

#14 Those that treat an AOB's children badly...I do not care if they are GROWN.

#15 AOB absolutely HATES people that do not take responsibility for their screw ups and always have an excuse about the other persons actions that caused them to become confused and stupid.

#16 UPS...yes United Parcel Service aka Box Nazis.

#17 People asking me why I wear so much jewelry.

#18 AOL customer service. If they could find someone who speaks real English it would help an AOB get some customer service.

#19 People that ask the same damn question fifty different ways and then get pissed when they get the same answer for each of the fifty questions. You see AOB catches what you are doing and is smarter than you.

#20 Trying to get some telephone service hooked up...hello COMCAST??? and having to deal with 50 village idiots and still no damn service.

#21 Gas Prices....ya think?

#22 The New Perspective on Paul. It seems to an AOB that some johnny come lately is just now discovering this stupid shit. Please take your silly assed opinions to the toilet and flush them...this issue has had enough attention. No one cares what you think.

More later......


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It's Me, Maven... said...

AOB, I'll go back and link your I might hate you ... if list to my post... so I, personally, can keep track of who I've "infected," er... "affected" to post their own list:)

PS: I think we both should add "Comments Section Spam-bastards" to our respective lists!