Thursday, September 22, 2005

Weighing In On Martha

AOB has noticed that Martha Stewart has received 'less than admirable reviews' for her new show including the Nielson 6.8 out of 10 share. Considerably less than 'Donald' in his first and subsequent seasons.

Marthas' show in this AOB's opinion, has a wonderful below the surface tension about it. On the surface very light & airy howver deep down competitive and just plain..should AOB just say it? "BITCHY". NBC has found some bitchy men as well.This should in AOB's opinion make for some awesome bitch tv as the competiton really heats up and the bitch estrogen and bitch testosterone starts flying. It is AOB's opinion even PRIOR to seeing the Donald this evening that the bitch factor on Martha Stewart will highly outpace the original and will this season provide much bitchifies and bitchitude (HT ABB) viewing.

Omarosa just got her ass kicked.

AOB loves the "You just do not fit in; goodbye" line. What bitch. What damn bitch NERVE. I mean telling someone "You just do not fit; goodbye" is coldest to the bone AOB has heard in many moons. That phrase is completely indescribable. AOB would be highly upset and bitchifies if somone said that to her ass on national TV. The phrase just makes the bitch hormones flood with joy....a phrase AOB will cherish and treasure forever.

AOB also like the fact the 'misfit' gets a personal note but does not get the chance to run off at the mouth in the exiting taxi. Its like "just go with your you-do-not-fit-self and I will have the last word.

AOB was not much of a Martha fan PRIOR to all of little troubles and escapades but AOB has a great respect for someone who weathers the storm and comes roaring back. (AOB does not care if Martha had an $11,000 Birkin bag on her ass when she went to court...AOB would have had it on her ass too).

AOB will at some point in the future devote some extraordinary space to Marthas' trial and the bullshit that went on.

In the meantime.... :"You just do not fit; goodbye". It's a good thing.

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