Sunday, October 23, 2005

Observations From A Bitch About Political Shit

A bitch woke up early this AM and her mind was moving fast so here goes. A bitch is having an attack of the early AM bitchifies...

First a bitch would like to observe the similarities between two notorious Texas political families...The LBJ's and the GWHB's. Now I know one is democrat the other republican. However...this is TEXAS; and as Ann Richards (no I did not vote for her but I have always admired and respected the crusty old gal). said: "In Texas, politics is a contact sport."

No shit. Just ask Tom DeLay. (What goes around comes around you gerrymandering sneaky jack ass, of course the shit is not over since it took Ronnie Earle THREE grand juries to indict his ass in direct violation of the Texas Constitution...)

The Johnsons AND the Bushes used their political clout to get their collective family will accomplished. Notice I did not use the word party. Party has nothing to do with it. Its all about family and the ties they have outside the party that keep shit running. You want something done? Do not go to the party go to one of the families then you get your action.

Second Bush has let all Americans down with his weak assed views on border security and illegal immigration as well as....

Bush and all of the rest of those dumb asses in DC have let all Americans down with their inability to get a budget for the American people that EXCLUDES PORK and focuses on important social programs like services for those Amercans that are disabled (such as ABB's brother and my grandson both of whom are autistic).

Bush and Congress need to apologize to the Ameican people and especially the people in N'awlins for giving the local crooks 60 million fucking damn dollars to work on an evacuation plan and the levees in March of 2005. Why would anyone be so damn stupid as to give LA crooks money? The 'system' in LA is fucking corrupt assholes and you give them 60 million damn fuck dollars??????? Obviously they fucked the money up since no one got evacuated and the damn levees broke. Nagin and Blanco should be stripped and publicly flogged.

A bitch needs to pack another picnic basket.....

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Anonymous said...

You go Girl, I second everything you wrote on the blog.
You were "dead on". I agree, we
need to do something but what?
I hate politicians and what they
do once they get to Washington.
Our country needs serious work on
the infrastructure and guess what?
We are in Iraq, fixing theirs. go figure. The Healhcare system is
in need of complete renovation but
lining the pockets of those
politicians is more important.