Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Bitch Has Some Questions

To the fucked up two party system: A Bitch would like to Know:

1. Why are my tax dollars being spent to support the EPA when White House policy is allowing the numbers to be changed to allow big corporations to pollute more?

2. Why is the republican party hailed by the evengelical community as the 'moral party' just because of their stand on abortion as murder? Does having a 'moral stand' on one issue qualify you to commit all other forms of economic mayhem and corporate and environmental wrongdoing? Does one moral stand justify taking a country to war on false pretenses, poisoning our environment, neglecting children with special needs, and spending money just because you can print it?

3. Why does the social services system PROMOTE unemployment as grounds for receiving services? It seems to this bitch that if a family is working HARD to make ends meet and needs an extra lift fromUncle Sam then Uncle Sam needs to get off his dead ass and help out instead of advising people to quit their jobs.

4. Why do the politicians give my tax dollars to 'arts groups and public radio'? If this shit is that damn important, let the really wealthy folks...Hello Donald Trump, Bill Gates and all you other Balanciega bag toting fools out there... fund the shit. If it doesn't get funded then who cares? What good is art and NPR if people are uneducated and hungry?

5. A bitch would really like to ask the jackassess that are running this country BOTH republican and democrat why all this personal drama shit when you are supposed to be looking out for MY ASS? The government of this country has denigrated into one big political pissing contest with the American people caught in the middle. No one wants to work together to solve problems because Billy Bob and friends might get a little bit more recognition or inside shit or money for themselves and Nancy Jo's stupid skinny ass did not get a thing. Who gives a fuck? Shit.... start governing thats what your ass was elected to do.

ALL of you. Listen to a Bitch. A bitch is paying attention. A bitch is going to be very careful with her vote in 2006 and 2008. A bitch will not be putting all of her eggs in one basket. I would suggest that the rest of the American people take a lesson here.....learn and vote carefully.

Do not vote how the preacher tells your ass to vote. He needs to shut up about politics and preach the gospel. The republican preacher has pro life on the brain, the democrat preacher has hand outs on the brain. careful with your may be giving away the farm. Oh and NO MORE familial political dynasty shit. This means YOU JEB BUSH!!!!!

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