Monday, October 24, 2005

Drama in DC

It's gettin better by the minute.....

Will Karl Rove be indicted? by a Republican prosecutor?

Will Scooter Libby be indicted? by a Republican prosecutor?

Was Valerie REALLY OUTED since her neighbors knew she was CIA?

Did Dick Cheney tell Scooter to out Valerie because he was PO'd at her husband for disagreeing with White House policy on Iraq?

Will Rove, Liby AND Cheney resign?

Will CONDOLEEZA RICE be the new VP? Will Condi whup Hillary in 2008??

Oh a bitch is having fun just watching all the possibilities......

G-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-h!!!! if there was not enough FUN wtih 'D' ....all of the above we have Harriet. Poor Harriet. I hope she has the good sense to just walk away from all this shit. Harriet is not a Constitutional Lawyer. Harriet is a corporate lawyer. Yes...yes all of us bitches out here realize that you broke the glass ceiling in Texas. Good for you, but that does not make you qualified for the US Supreme Court. You need to walk away from the drama, run a hot bubble bath, soak your ass and drink a whiskey..then take a long vacation. AOB knows you have plenty of cash amercian to do this with. Hurry and get started so we can get on to the next DC Drama.

For the record...this AOB does not like John Roberts Federalist ass.

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