Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nostradamus Comes of Age (sort of)

Tonight the History Channel will pay hommage to Nostradamus...purveyor of ancient (well old anyway) prophecy for the times of today. Since the show is about the 'end of the world' I was just wondering (beforehand) if Tim LaHaye (of the Left Behind series fame) or Hal Lindsey (Late Great Planet Earth fame) were going to be there to lend their two cents worth of ...I don't know what to call it...OPINION maybe?

Hal Lindsey scared scads of people (ok me included) in the early 70's with his version of the truth..LaHaye and his literary minions are scaring (ok me NOT included this time...see I learned my lesson) scads more this time with his brand of "what-will-your-ass-do-when-all-the-christians-have-been-raptured-and-your-scraggy-non-believing-ass-is-left-on-earth-with-all-the-anti-christ-minions-and-666-mark-on-the-forehead-neighbors....

Sounds like some so called faithful minions based shit to me

Let's generate FEAR...which in turn will generate (oh I cannot believe that I missed this for years and years about my fellow (hack, spit, cough) fellow believers...) MONEY.

But less I digress....this B.I.T.C.H. does not open her wallet when she is having fear. Too bad my so called brothers and sisters are not as savvy.

More tomorrow on Nostradamus and what will my ass do when the world ends? So its like I will be in a position to care?

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