Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Promised To Go To War On The Election but....

...what really is there to go to war on? Is there any reason at all why any of the candidates need to be elected? Is there really any reason at all why we should even re-elect the dysfunctional insanity-possessed (meaing BOTH repukelicans and dementedocrats) partisan minions?

...presidential election...NOT!!!!!

Weighing in.....

Barak Obama...first you need to be ashamed of yourself for putting politics into the pulpit. NO you can not come to my church and campaign...we worship on Sunday...Jesus...rmember HIM?

Rudy...Rudy..Rudy...loose the cellphone and put the trophy wife in a cabinet....(and not as secretary of something or another either ;)

Hillary...Penn just came out with a poll that said 24% of republican women may cross over to vote for Hillary...he sees it as a woman thing...I see it as women being tired of the men. How could a woman (even Hillary) FUBAR it up any more than the men that are there already have???? While this B.I.T.C.H. is not a socialized medicine fan AT ALL...she knows that the current system is broken beyond belief and wishes relief as much as the next person. (BTW did ya'll know that hospitals and doctors charge MORE if you have health insurance? They bill the health insurance companies about 20-30% more than a doctor visit costs and hospitals bill insurance companies DOUBLE what a patient with no health care costs!!!) So yeah I would say that shit needs to be fixed real quick.

The religious right does not seem to have a candidate this year. Thats a good thing...because I will not vote for anyone...repukelican or dementedocrat that anyones religious right puts their stamp of dominion (er..a...approval) on.

next: the perfect political platform

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