Friday, August 12, 2005

What is a Bitch????

What is a bitch?

Some men describe a bitch as a woman that will not fall on her face whenever they walk into a room.
So.....a bitch is someone who will stand up for herself.

Other men describe a bitch as someone who talks too much.
So.....a bitch has opinions.

Then some men describe a bitch as a woman who will not let herself be abused and mistreated.
So.....a bitch has respect for herself.

Some men actually describe a bitch as a woman who can think theologically for herself.
So.....a bitch has a mind created by God too and wonder of wonders...she actually figure out mind bogling concepts for herself. She can even choose what church she wants to attend!!!!!

Some men feel intimidated because a bitch has more money than they do.
So....a bitch knows how to earn it!!!


Being a bitch is good.
C..control (of)

I am.....Angry Old Bitch out AOB is here!

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