Friday, August 19, 2005

Excuse Me? Withdraw the Nomination..Please

..pardon the AO Bitch but she is a bit peeved today at some very disturbing news...

Concerning John Roberts nomination for US Supreme Court Justice and the fact that released papers reveal his...

"disparaged efforts to combat discrimination against women and has wondered 'whether encouraging homemakers to become lawyers contributes to the common good' ".

Hmmmmm. Lets ask Ted Koppel (remember him?) how it was for him as he VOLUNTARILY stayed home and took care of the children and was a house husband while wife Grace attended law school.

Maybe we should ask any woman who has sued for workplace discrimination if her lawyer was a working Mom with children who had mayebe faced the same shit at her law firm.

Well first off AO Bitch has always said Roberts reminded her of a Stepford husband. Second, AO Bitch herself has fought discrimination for position and salary in the male dominated aircraft maintenance industry. Third AO Bitch tells Bush "you need to seriously reconsider this man."

Why should Bush reconsider? Well how about the fact that Condoleeza Rice our Secretary of State is a woman? Should she be out trying to catch a man and have babies? This nomination is the most disrespectful thing Bush has done to women everywhere. AO Bitch does usually not like to put herself into a 'policy advising position', but will tell George that "You have seriously screwed the pooch, and that baby is howling."

PS: Roberts' wife is a lawyer. Hows that for having your whole foot and leg in your mouth?

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madman said...

Now I'm not saying nominating an idiot was right--but Bush is a Texan--he will not admit he should reconsider! I like the rant.