Friday, December 28, 2012


A few years ago we retained the services of a small ad-agency now located in SC.

A bitch has totally bent over backwards to keep this person alive outside of the normal client-vendor relationship. Money for storage (after he emailed me that he needed to pawn the company laptop) to pay for his storage in Texas. Money for airfare so he could speak at a conference last fall in New Mexico. Money here and there, because well let's face it....he is overpriced and his grammar leaves a lot to be desired. He has no idea how to run a small lines of credit, no credit cards and sure as hell no back up plan.

But wait...that was not even the straw that broke the camels back.

As you know this bitch supported Obama in 2008. Based on what he said he would do I voted for him. However, with the country in the toilet and Obama phone lady screeching about "Vote for Obama and get a phone!!!" (The fuck...really lady?????) I decided to do something radical and vote Libertarian.

Ad-asshole in his unfathomable wisdom, decided that I was voting for Romney. But wait.....that is still not the reason I cut this deadbeat loose. This deadbeat MF posted that women get what they deserve based on how they vote as a comment on a news article about that loser Mourdock in Indiana making the Republican rape comment that pregnancies from rape are what God intended.

Women get what they deserve based on how they vote. What the double fuck. Statement not question.

I wonder how many women who voted Democrat have been raped?
I wonder how many women who voted Republican have been raped?

So to the ad-asshole the fuckwad I pose these questions:

1. Have you ever been raped?
2. Have you ever been beaten by your spouse?
3. Have you ever been thrown out of a moving car by said spouse?
4. Has your 13 year old daughter ever stood in front of you and told you she was raped at a church camp?
5. Have you ever watched your 13 year old daughter grow heavy and bear the baby that she had by her rapist?
6. Have you ever been told that your baby/fetus was dying but that you could not have an abortion because there was a fetal heartbeat.
7. Have you ever watched your wife DIE from pregnancy complications that could have been solved by an abortion to save her life?

NO??????? TO ALL????????

So get this are a piece of shit and you have no fucking right in this world or the next life to ever tell a woman that she gets what she deserved based on how she votes.

I sincerely hope you go straight to hell and that every other female you deal with whether client or not learns what a horrible horrible thing you really are....that's right THING because you gave up your humanity when you said those evil words...a woman "DESERVES....."

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