Sunday, December 02, 2012

Jerry Yang Quits - More Proof Their Is A Deity

CNBC is grinding it into the ground...everyone and their dog (or parrot) is talking about Jerry Yang leaving Yahoo and Alibaba.

Being the entrepreneurial sort myself... (founder of the most innovative company on the planet). I knew that one day I would have to step down form the CEO role and it was a wonderful day in TelAviv at IAI in the aircraft rep area that I met new CEO. (heavenly angel music please)

I am not CEO material. I can invent and design stuff, make your aircraft records and maintenance wonderful and even get you to drink the kool-aid and give us some money....however....there comes a time when the geek cannot and must not wear the mommie hat anymore.

Jerry Yang was an egomaniac daddy outdated. Proof of this is the fact that he turned down a 45 BILLION dollar offer from Mr. Softie. A total WTF if there every was one.

As usual, the market called it...stock was up.

However, we need to analyze Yahoo and set it in its' proper place amongst the stars.

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