Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Holi-daze

Well its that time again. Home for the holidays where all of the familial dysfunctional insanity rears its ugly head again.

This bitch, FH (fabulous husband) and 2 puppies will enjoy a lovely meal of rib eyes, ABB corn casserole yumminess, cranberry salad and assorted dips, chips and other snack-wonderful foodage while we relax and watch movies, parades and football.

We have decided to skip the family and social drama..permanently.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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mary said...

I no longer have that problem; 3,000 miles distance between me and mine.

But my little sister reached out across the miles to put another permanent wedge between me and my sisters. My mother hates family feuds, and I am glad I do not have to be there and pretend nice to her and the oldest anymore.

The brothers are fairly cool, except the little baby one. His wife is one of those really nice people that everyone loves and lately even she goes on attack mode. Sad.