Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Thoughts For 2005

A few weeks have passed...ignorance has come... and gone its' merry way.

This Old Bitch has been reading the blogs, the news sources and listening real close to what is being said from the pulpit. That being said I must admit that there are not a lot of constants in the life of AOB outside of the usual work-home-church thing. Meaning that AOB does not buy into the shit that the religious right is trying to shove up my ass and down my throat. Cough...gag...barf....

The latest thing is the Sunday for Justice being brought to your local church via satelllite by Chuck Colson and friends. The aim is to stop the Congressional fillibuster against 'people of faith' by the morons in Congress and the Senate. Of course it is AOB's opinion that both sides..both liberal and conservative are noting but idiots that feed off of the general publics money and the resultant deification by their named Democratic and Republican minions.

Yes there I said it...nothing more than a group of demi gods feeding off of the worship of the feeble minded masses. The Religious Right has made Bush their god, The Liberal Left made Clinton their God...(I guess that means Hillary is a goddess? Save my ass quick someone please...)

What is soooo funny to watch is each side tearing down the god the other side has made. The repuke repubs jumped all over Clinton & Monica Lewinsky and the Dememted Dems have jumnped all over Bush becasue of the War as well as every natural disaster this side of the titanic. What I want to know is: Did Bush personally by some act of his will cause the hurricanes? Damn sure seems like it.

This bitch was completely disgusted by Ken Starr as a special prosecutor. Hey maybe we can get him to start appearing on 'Cheaters'..ya think? This bitch is completely and utterly disgusted with the way the 'right' is using scare tactics to try to tell my ass what to do. Excuse me assholes...God created a brain in my head too. Falwell, Robertson, Dobson et al have made Bush a god and the demented dems have bought it!!!! No wonder Bush is hated...no one wants a god they did not create. No one wants a god they cannot control or ascribe the traits to the god that they want him to have. Bush does not have what the left wants and Clinton did not have what the right wanted. So we have a new war each and every persidential and congressional election when a new group of jerks makes it to DC to 'govern' the idiot masses that voted them in.

I only know that I am really sick to death of being told by both sides that each and every decision I make must be made oin the context of abortion rights and gay rights. Go fuck yourselves.... I have a company to run where employees are dealt with in the context of their conbtribution to the success of the company...not who they go home to after work or where they go after work. After I run my company ...then I need to make dinner and do laundry and bitch some more.

It's not about Repbulican Repukes and Democratic Dementos...its about POWER. Both parties want your asses one place...at the bottom of the food chain..they just have different ways of keeping us there. Fuck both parties....fuck the political system....libertarian and independent, republican and democrat, fuck the ACLU and AFA.

Where did the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence get to????? Lost in the halls of power.

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