Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Corporate Advertising


Ford has pulled its' advertising from gay publications. Ford has done this at the threat of a boycott from the American Family Association.

As I said AOB is con-double-fucking-fused.....

What does corporate advertising have to do with my ass being Christian? Are Christians the only ones that have drivers licenses? Shit the Christians I see driving around with those little fishes and the Jesus loves you shit on their bumpers are the FIRST ONES THAT TRY TO RUN OVER YOUR ASS ON THE ROAD. Can I get an AMEN?

So basically what my eyes see and my ears hear is this: (Now if my ass is wrong and it could be someone needs to tell my ass quick).

Someone had decided that being gay is a new thing, someone that everyone who is not gay needs to be protected from. There are some people that have decided to protect EVERYONE who names the name of Christ from this horrible NEW EVIL.

Well this bitch knows that being gay is not new. This bitches cousin "Mabel Morgan" passed away several years ago from AIDS. This bitches best friends step son passed away from AIDS years ago. A bitch has many gay friends and loves each and every one of them.....especially the one with the tiger tattoos on her chest. Another fabulous bitch and a good friend for 17 years.

Now in order for my Christian ass to be protected from the new evil....we have to make sure that 'those' people are unable to participate in society. The first step in this is not to offer the evil ones the same services and products that the rest of us as Christians are entitled to.

Who do these caretakers of society think they are? How is it that people of faith exclude others from participating in secular society? What the fuck? Well what happens next? Denial of housing? Jobs? The right to shop at a mall that has a christian bookstore? Oh shit a bitch can see it one can participate in society unless you are a card carrying baptized member of a christian church.

So what the fuck happened to the US Constitution or even the Declaration of Independence that says ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL AND ARE ENTITLED TO LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. (Except if your asses are gay..... postscript by Dobson, Falwell & Wildmon)

How is it that my ass is entitled to more than anyone else just because I am NOT GAY and Christian?

I am not and never will be ashamed of my faith. My ass is however ashamed of the so called brethern taking the personal issue of sexual orientation into the corporate boardroom and even more upset that Corporate America is letting itself be held hostage to this shit.


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