Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is Anyone As Tired As I Am....

...of always needing to be afraid as if that will make things all better? How does irrational fear that is subsidized by the media and carried to the extreme on the internet REALLY matter to me?

...of being told what to be afraid of? Lets see....Hillary Clinton....terrorist attacks on US soil...CNN...Fox News...the Republicans...the Democrats...The New York Times...the price of hot it is cold it is today...what Al Gore says...what Bill O'Reilly much a comment of Jim Cramers' will move the price of a stock...Ann Coulter...Susan Estrich...the pro lfe lobby ...the pro choice lobby...the US Supreme Court...President Bush...congress...Alberto Gonzalez...the FBI...the CIA...the NSA..the USA...Iran..Egypt...North Korea...the UN...kinism...league of the south...dominion theology ...reconstructionism...
Ford...GM..labor unions..Wal Mart...
...of bloggers the likes of who terrorized Kathy Sierra (Technocrati) and Cathy Seipp (the later as she lay on her deathbed)...
...too much news...not enough news...too much freedom...not enough
drug dealers...gang members...

the list is endless.....

I received a call from a political party wanting a contribution. The caller gave the standard speech instructing me to "BE AFRAID...BE VERY AFRAID" those people won the elections...those people are out to GET YOU..take way your freedom...hurt your way of life...

I hung up....I do not appreciate being talked to as if I had no brain and was waiting for someone...anyone to please put something there even total bullshit.

To any person seeking political office....if you want my vote....don't try to scam ....I mean scare me.

I am so over it.

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