Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Circus of Candidates

OK OK...a bitch has been busy with everything from shopping to funerals, visiting grandchildren and business travels and other 'domain geek diva duties' as assigned by the CKE (CTO).

We need to weigh in on the candidate circus, so to be fair lets start at the beginning of the alphabet.


John Edwards...with a 28000 (yes kids twenty eight thousand) square foot house on 102 acres in Orange County NC surrounded by no trespassing' signs lets just hope no hungry, homeless or naked people even try to get a meal. So which America does HE live in? Hmmmm.

Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico...this bitch is seriously considering him and is doing MORE research.

Hillary (Butch) Clinton...way too much political and scandal laden shit from Clinton 42. Needs to get some serious wardrobe and hair advice.

Barka Obama, No way this bitch is voting for anyone named Barak Obama. Besides a bitch has a problem in that he supports partial birth abortion (totally off the table from a womans right to an abortion as far as this bitch is concerned), and his "Christian" church in Illinios seems to be a bit 'exclusionary' white folk wanted. Lets be specific: Trinity United Church of

This bitch also has a problem with politics in the pulpit....Jesus said to preach the gospel and baptize not support the political infrastructure. So Obama is either a nominal christian or a covert muslim...and it seems that he really DOES NOT have a leg to stand on in either group. IMHO.


John McCain...NO...just NO and NO again and again.....

Rudy Giulliani....HELL NO...however we can all rest assured that if Rudy has any really important PERSONAL business (like another divorce) to announce he can always call a press conference.

Mitt Romney...Lets all be beholden to the elders at the Tabernacle in Salt Lake...double Hell No. Even the village idiot knows that mormonism is NOT christianity. Started in 1827? Give me break....

Mike Huckabee.....A Bitch caught him on CNBC this AM and was clearly impressed. More research on the way.

So we have Bill Richardson and Mike Huckabee worthy of further investigation and maybe a vote.

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